XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicopter – banggood.com

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According to AS350 (the little squirrel) prototype ratio, high simulation, fine appearance design.
The details of the products, unique in the market three rotor blades flybarless design.
It is compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS.

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6 Responses

  1. Paulo Barboza says:

    Isso é uma demostração de um helicóptero ou de uma bailarina dançando balé?

  2. Dieppedalle David says:

    Alors là je suis sur le cul !!!!!!
    Le professionnalisme du gars, et tous se que peut faire ce petite hélico, je suis scotcher, j'en veux un et je l'aurais !

  3. lorena. e. nadson ln says:

    Queria um desse promocao

  4. Maungtintun tun says:

    Nice pilot i don't known yet antill now how to do aerobatic.

  5. Marc Atmos says:

    Great pilot ^_^

  6. Kevys Rc & Music says:

    nice heli

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