Will it float? Porco Rosso ANIME AIRPLANE Prototyping V2

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Jeremy, Andres, and Josh take the Porco Rosso prototype to version 2, testing it off water for the first time and naming it the SeaAngel.
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30 Responses

  1. Michael Raw says:

    Vapor trails

  2. Jeffery Bowden says:

    Very nice, can't wait for you to make it public for speed build or free plans.

  3. Cephalon IO says:

    Now go build MAV-01 from battle fairy yukikaze

  4. Devastating Joke says:

    Lets face it,
    Anime can be realistic sometimes. :3

  5. CrazyDave746 - says:

    Hearing y’all talk about the take off, how she handled, and the landing reminded me of this quote from the film.

    “Take offs and landings can be a little tricky, but get her up to speed and she handles like a dream.”

  6. frank swanda says:

    I think it's funny that y'all choose to. Build porcco rosso's plane over planes form the wind rises. Y'all should check it out there is several builds i want to try from the wind rises

  7. Mark Horden says:

    I would love to see you guys attempt to make a flying USS Enterprise from Star Trek

  8. stephen wylie says:

    I would love to see a version of the mkII from the end of the film. Unless you already went for that.

  9. Your Sworn Nemesis says:

    all it really needs is a coat of red paint

  10. licustoms says:

    Something like this could talk me into getting into this hobby. :3 I want to build one as close to identical in the film Porco Rosso as I can, complete with two functioning airsoft guns. Can it be done? From what I have researched the plane is based off of a Macchi M.5 although others have said it could be from the Savoia S.21. Hope that helps any!~

  11. DividedWeFall1000 says:

    I'd like to see you guy's do a P-38 Lightning design

  12. steamguy101 says:

    IMHO you should have a look at the Japanese PX-S STOL flying boat, built by ShinMaywa. I believe it to be the most successful of its type. Look it up on youtube, there's an excellent film describing it in detail. Anyhow, the relevance of this is, they developed a so-called "spray suppressor" which seems elegantly simple and extremely effective. In your case you could slap some vertical fences on the outside of your prototype which might extend something like 3/8" or so downward from the sides, these would prevent the spray from propagating outward and into the prop. Easy experiment I think. BTW nice project!

  13. rundmk says:

    Will this be available to purchase?

  14. Dan Jacob says:

    Great project! I think the vertical stabilizer could be a tad larger.

  15. Dennis Morris says:

    U guys are brilliant

  16. MuShinnen says:

    I'm late to the party, but I want this plane. It'd be my first built plane, but I absolutely love how it's come out and I'd love for it to be the first plane I built.

  17. Nathan Fancy says:

    reminds me of the plane from tales of the brass monkey .. before your time

  18. Mauri Liso says:

    I would go with smaller floats. The engine nacelle and supports are so much uglier than the real thing! I would love to see a little extra effort on that.
    Besides this, a fantastic project and a great challenge. Look at my avatar, btw 😉
    … and paint it red, for Miyasaki's sake!!

  19. Guts G says:

    fireworks launcher on the next version !

  20. ViCap Aéro says:

    I'm french, it's always funny for me to heard "voila" in a US video.
    Nice job guys! Go ahead!!!

  21. mrhilamma says:

    When will the speed build kit be ready? Take my money!

  22. Daniel Kezar says:


  23. guy b says:


  24. Mark71 Delaney says:

    I think you should have two Motors on a single pod one facing front and one facing rear.

  25. Alan Hernandez says:

    WOW, I missed this video until now and I think is a great designs!!!! I can't wait to see an airplane painted in orange :p

  26. Brianna Michelle says:

    This reminds me of the TaleSpin plane. Any chance you could do one of those with a remote controlled Kit flying behind it? 😀

  27. Macen K says:

    Flite Test, please do a video on what tools you use and how you make the model airplanes that you create, I'm trying to get into building my own, but have no idea how to create the parts for a plane.
    In the video/videos you could inculde
    What tools you use
    How to make wings (Cardboard, Styrofoam…)
    How to make landing gears
    How to make the body of a plane (Cardboard, Styrofoam…)
    Detailed explanation of how to hook up electrical
    How to hollow out a plane
    Wing to plane ratios
    Right propeller size
    How to make Ailerons and Rudders
    How to get to the internals without cutting the plane in half and taping it back together
    How to create the complex perfect looking curves shown in the video (1:45 for example)

    As you can see this could easily cover a few video's making it a possible idea, though it would be time consuming.

    I'd appreciate it if you even consider the idea, thanks

  28. Kevin K says:

    I want to build one of these!

  29. Nirvan Raymond says:

    is this plane on thee store yet?

  30. DemonBloodWolf says:


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