who let this human near this helicopter!!!???

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Last week, PlayStation kindly flew some of us out to New York to get up to some Spider-Man related shenanigans. They even let me ride in a helicopter AND I DIDN’T KILL ANYONE!!! Not a single injury, incredible.

Hope your’e all enjoying the new Marvel’s Spider-Man game as much as me. It’s my reward when i get lots of writing done lol

If you want a copy of the AMERICAN version of Undercover Princess, here’s a link

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22 Responses

  1. Flicker says:

    Ofc Dear Evan Hansen is best musial!!!!

  2. Autumnstreak XD says:

    I went to New York in the summer after going to Orlando! Disney I went to the MoMA! The hotel my family was in was on Times Square I went to Central Park (we saw the friends building) went up the Empire State Building and saw the Statue of Liberty

  3. Petal Ella says:

    Connie have you seen or listened to Hamilton? I don't think you reply to YouTube comments but I am wondering bc that is a vv good musical.

  4. Petal Ella says:

    I missed youuuu❤

  5. Rokiisun says:

    This is too awesome! Cannot wait to meet you at the princess in practice Glasgow tour 🙂

  6. Christina Bluehearts says:

    Colds or flu get elderberry …it actually works.

  7. Drea H says:

    "By the way, Times Square sucks." Me, a native New Yorker: YES YES IT DOES. I hope you enjoyed NY otherwise <3 Sorry you were ill. 🙁

  8. iCreggers says:

    1:47 Metal Gear? it can't be! I'm actually playing that while watching this and you made me think I got spotted 😛

  9. tori pajan says:

    i loveeee your sneakers in the intro

  10. Caitlin's life says:

    I am so happy that you're still using your vlogging channel. I have always preferred this channel to your main channel because it always puts a smile on my face and I am able to see the wonderful fun childish person you really are. Love you Connie

  11. David McCrea says:

    Cool video, and great helicopter footage! Hope you're feeling better Connie.

  12. Andra Munteanu says:

    I am here from one of your book and actually I love your personallity

  13. Sophia Murray says:

    Did you get a new camera or something bc I feel like the quality seems a little off?

  14. Lily Vincent says:

    14:36 Guy smoking inside the building

  15. Brett Carruthers says:

    What do you plan on doing with your channels since you got rid of Noodlerella and seemingly aren't doing character or personality type videos anymore?

  16. London says:

    Advil? He should have gotten you some dayquil! Sorry you felt so crummy

  17. Louise Blair says:

    8:00 that’s family fizzes outro I got so confused haha

  18. princesswendy says:

    this is so cool! lucky you!

  19. Belle Meaker says:

    Omg!! I have those strawberry socks!! From primark and didn’t u get the strawberry dress from youvimi?

  20. John Latten says:

    This video was so cool. I've seen people streaming Spider Man on Twitch and I can't wait to play it. It's so awesome.

  21. Dani Drakulovska says:

    are connie and evan a thing? im just asking bc they would be cute together(i dont know their sexualities so please dont hate)

  22. vireak both says:

    I didn't even know you change your name

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