What you should know about Helicopter Insurance Requirements

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6 Responses

  1. Trent Friend says:

    I personally knew a CFI who was going to be hired for a turbine job…the lady doing his paperwork thought that an R-44 was a turbine! So some people don't know what they're talking about. He didn't get that awesome job cause someone handling helicopter pilots failed to know and mention the required turbine time. Be careful of that stuff.

  2. Trent Friend says:

    "Ridiculous" is a good word for it lol.

  3. Clarence Watson says:

    I checked on insurance for Non-Owner, and it was only $7000 a year. Which is not bad considering I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you fly often as a Private Pilot, I thinks its a good investment. Protect yourself and the Helicopter Releasing Company. You should (in my opinion) look at it as a partnership.

  4. Lloyd Cudjoe says:

    Great comments Kenny Appreciate, didn’t realise that That if your intention is to own your own aircraft that it would be advantageous to train in that particular For insurance purposes.

  5. Ted Wells says:

    I was kinda surprised that when renting a fixed wing from my local FBO, I needed renters insurance. When inquiring to my helicopter training company, they say – not needed.

  6. Mick Martin says:

    Great advice mate.

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