What Happened At The Beaver Creek Downhill Skiing Race In Colorado

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Aksel Lund Svindal, Dominik Paris, and Thomas Dressen take on one of the most iconic Downhill tracks on the FIS World Cup Tour: the Birds of Prey in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Meet the superstars of alpine skiing in our new series, In Search Of Speed.
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In Search of Speed is an all-access documentary series taking the viewer into the hearts and minds of alpine skiing’s super stars, and showcasing the courage, talent and persistence required to dominate the world’s most professional race circuit.
Join Lindsey Vonn, Dominik Paris, Alexis Pinturault, Marcel Hirscher, Sofia Goggia, Henrik Kristoffersen, Thomas Dressen, Viktoria Rebensburg and Aksel Lund Svindal across the 2018-2019 Alpine Skiing Season, following them across all the stops on the calendar and seeing behind the scenes into the life of an alpine skier.


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27 Responses

  1. B. L. says:

    Incredible athletes…no doubt. Only a handful of world-class athletes can achieve what they do on the downhill. Congrats to each of you….especially those on the US Ski Team!

  2. Beckis Peckis says:

    Redbull gives you wings but if you drink too much it will give you wings to heaven

  3. Elizabeth H says:

    Dressen was doing so well… Wow.

  4. EGL boys HadNap says:

    My Coach Patrick Jarbyn skied it and I Ski at Vail

  5. Gaming With Aryan says:

    Who's watching at 2018 please dislike

  6. 0 0 says:

    why does the narrator sound like Diego from the ice age?

  7. Scott_Rider says:

    Very nice!

  8. ellystripes says:

    Love you Aksel! Can't wait to go to the Hahnenkamm in a few weeks 😀

  9. ÉN says:

    If the olimpics is like f1 than this is rally group b

  10. YXC CXY says:

    Beside you need to be a very good skier, some big balls are needed for downhill…
    But most fun for most good skiers on hard slope is to use a SL carver.
    It can give you so much joy with very much g force and this with relatively slow speed.

  11. บ่เป้นหมาวัด แลบ่ได่จัยนาง says:


  12. บ่เป้นหมาวัด แลบ่ได่จัยนาง says:

    Red Bull thai

  13. M N says:

    Where is Beat Feuz

  14. Robert Muir says:

    Svindal is a legend

  15. Bella Medina says:

    I have a house in beaver creek and then we go to vail to ski I love it.

  16. Isak Bmx says:

    Norway! Is best

  17. Johannes Winter says:

    At 9:30 the mod in combination sounds like a Hip Hop song

  18. Sam says:

    You won’t find these guys with a gaper gap

  19. Milana Maricic says:

    Love these episodes! They offer such a great insight into a professional alpine skiing. It's not that easy to become a fan and to understand this sport. Watching races only is not enough.

  20. MVPSander says:

    Doesn't the one caster also cast the Air Race?

  21. DEZ Bryant says:

    damn how that left knee buckelt -.-

  22. mrchirp1 says:


  23. Sandra Tessem says:

    Skiing is the best sport.  Love to watch downhill

  24. Razer Gamer says:

    Guy my r32 is fasten car by MadMike my real car HP is 3000hp and it got rb26 engine twin turbo and onboard it got a carbon streetwheel and it got a carbon exhaust and launch control 2-step flames and much good

  25. Metal Head 420 says:

    Give me Rossignol or give me Head….

  26. VISNOUK says:

    Wow cool

  27. Easy GG says:

    Oh oh

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