Watch: Banned Australian cricketer Steve Smith emulates Dhoni’s ‘Helicopter shot’

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Editor: Supriyo Banerjee

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19 Responses

  1. matton salman says:

    king simth is back

  2. Kalpana Subedi says:

    Steve should be back to Australia team.if he is not there in Australian squad there will be no competition against India

  3. Suraj Dewangan says:

    Cheater Nation resist bludy aus

  4. Ahmad Gani says:

    Dhoni pavan cakaei gomata ha or samith hand gomata ha

  5. Abhishek Ghosh says:

    We waaaaannttt you smithhyyyy plz cammeeee

  6. Adarsh pandey says:

    No one like dhoni

  7. Deepak Singh says:

    Come soon champ

  8. Rahul Kumar says:

    You can't keep him out of action… He will return

  9. horror world says:

    Wait for u in world cup

  10. Vikash Kumar says:

    se 0:23

  11. ZH Creative Studio says:

    Kya koi mujhe Bata sakta hai Smith ban kyu huaaa

  12. Maratha battalion मराठा बटालियन says:

    austrilian team become like a no.8 team sad for cricket…

  13. Rahul Biswas says:

    Wonderful talented batsman smith

  14. Dhana Sekaran says:

    No one can replace Dhoni #thala da

  15. Md Shahwaj says:


  16. tobin saneesh says:

    Australia need him back so bad.

  17. Rockstar Boy says:


  18. Telugu tech says:

    1st comment

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