Vincent Tupin / Red Bull Rampage 2018 / Pov Runs + Extra Clips

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Mes images de la Red Bull Rampage 2018, avec les journées de ride avant la competitions, les entrainements et la final. Grand merci a Benoit Gurnel et Jerome Caroli pour l’aide sur place ! Avec les copains Kevin Favrot, Eliott Lapotre, Anthony Rocci, Thomas Genon.

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11 Responses

  1. Louis Jacques says:

    Les 8 minutes les plus rapides !
    Magnifique !
    J’aimerais avoir comment ça se passe pour lee sponsoring ?

  2. LZ says:

    Fuck that spider…

  3. Dominik Studnicki says:

    You are crazy man! Love your vids

  4. OneBiker says:

    Nice video bro 😉

  5. Loose Riders Bad Langensalza says:

    Crazy Dude!! This is Fu#+ing Amazing..!!! Absolut SICK!!! Ride On Dude!! Cheers from Germany

  6. David leu says:

    5:48 my heart stops

  7. Regular Senders says:

    yo! your run was frickin insane man

  8. rider68 says:

    sooo sick you are a bad man

  9. LOAM says:

    crazy bud

  10. Zeke Cramer says:


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