UAE National Day 2018 – PART 2! Abu-Dhabi. Martin Pickering

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The UAE’s biggest event of the year, celebrating the union of the seven emirates. In part 1 we travel to Dubai to take part in the three day event, flying at the great Skyhub aerodrome with our friends from Dubai.

In this video, part 2, we visit Abu-Dhabi, where I flew for first time in UAE back in 2015, and things haven’t changed! Great flying, great skills, and this year even the worlds best pilots, including Jase Dussia, Andrew Jesky and Markus Rummer!

Watch out for the group jet hover and the chaos and fun that follows!

Not only that, but also the main reason for us traveling to the UAE on this occasion was to showcase the new Powerbox-Systems Core transmitter, now almost ready for public release. We hold workshops and even allow people to try the radio flying my plane!!

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6 Responses

  1. Stephen Walker says:

    Hi Martin. Do you have a video for setting up the Igyro 1e for travel, centering and direction on the 2 servo outputs ? Thanks.

  2. Rc udaan says:

    Tareek AslaDi you are awesome always

  3. Airguardian says:

    10:30… brutal!

  4. Damien Engemann says:

    11:40 it seems you lost something during the aileron roll before landing… x)

  5. Josh Finley says:

    Awesome coverage thanks for sharing

  6. michey says:

    Awesome flights! Love the 3d profile plane passing thru the gates! Wish you all the best martin from us here in Dubai!

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