Truck videos for kids – Super HELICOPTER in the FORKLIFT’s MISSING MISSION – Super Truck !

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Walter hasn’t turned up to help Carrie at the restaurant. Carl transforms into a helicopter and goes looking for him. He finds him hanging off a bridge. The ST3000 transforms into a grapple to lift him back to safety.

Super Truck to the rescue!
Meet Carl the Super Truck, a superhero dedicated to protecting the town of Car City. Always ready to jump in and rescue a fellow inhabitant in trouble, he has the ability to transform into any type of vehicle. From Super Fire Truck to Super Boat, and with the help of his super-gadget the ST3000, Carl can solve any problem.
Whenever an inhabitant is in trouble, Carl shifts into Super Truck and decides in which vehicle he should transform into to save his friends.
Full of resources, Carl shows younger ones that with courage and perseverance, they can solve any problem!
From Super Excavator to Super Helicopter or Super Dump Truck, Carl can transform into a multitude of vehicle to save the day!
Meet also Amber the Ambulance, Ben the Tractor, Edna the Excavator, Marley the Monster Truck and many of the other residents that populate Car City. With distinctive personalities and abilities, they all happily live and work together.

NEW! Car City Cartoon for Kids with Carl super Truck! Car Patrol! Tom the Tow Truck! Troy the Train! :

SUPER TRUCK IN CAR CITY ! Truck Cartoons for kids & Car videos for children :

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