Traxxas Spartan RC Speed Boat Dam Run

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9 Responses

  1. RC Johnny says:

    awesome video, i just subscribed to you and it would be awesome if you could check out my channel and sub back !!

  2. GATORSK8TER says:

    nice channle bro check mine out sometime

  3. PilotPeteProductions HD says:

    Nice video! That Spartan sure throws one fat rooster! You have all the awesome places there! For R/C vehicles, aircraft and boats! I need to go visit you sometime! =) +The RC Element

  4. 李强 says:

    try fly it off the damn would be appealing lol

  5. South Coast rc says:

    Nice man! Just got one of these, just gotta get on the water now lol! Looks like a great boat 🙂

  6. bigteedo111 says:

    Nice! !

  7. Kevys Rc & Music says:


  8. Pyro-Germany says:

    Nice boat and Video: )
    Best regards from germany

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