Tour the 2018 Ocean Alexander 100 Luxury Yacht

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When it comes to luxury and seaworthiness, the Ocean Alexander Yachts​ 100 cannot be beat. We had a chance to meet up with MarineMax Baltimore​ General Manager TJ Rose to tour the 5 stateroom model of this magnificent vessel!

MarineMax offers classes, charter vacations, exclusive events for our customers and many other opportunities for boating enthusiasts to get out and be UNITED BY WATER!

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24 Responses

  1. MarineMax says:

    Click Here to Schedule a Private Showing of the 2018 Ocean Alexander 100:

  2. 1998gst4611 says:

    Don't forget Oceans Alexander has a 155 ft yacht as well i know because i work at Oceans Alexander in Merritt Island, Florida. We only build the 70 ft and 45 ft at the plant but i was told the 155 ft is built in Tiawan Oceans Alexander boat headquarter. We have future models coming as well to the Merritt Island plant later.

  3. Nitesh Gowda says:

    No need any heaven if i own this yatch and million dollars of bank balance

  4. unkonw unknow says:

    can i take it for a spin……

  5. Avery Books says: Love that yacht. Great for touring around the world

  6. Meso Orny says:

    What a shit heap

  7. Mr MEMé says:

    Bleedin' 'ell, Eight Bogs on Board, Great in Rough Seas after a V IN da LOO Kurry ¡¡¡¡

  8. Tom Wright says:

    Yeah its pretty mediocre

  9. Djourdem Nourddine says:

    If I buy it I gonna get the girl too?

  10. META 19991 says:

    One of this days i will buy a yacht and bunch of hookers

  11. Ulol60 says:

    He can't be a real proffessional boat seller. Just even look at the socks xD none that uses suit pants have to kind of socks

  12. B McFarland says:

    Well, Good afternoon TJ, I'm coming from you at the live Dayton, Ohio of flight the birth place home. LOL
    Excellent work NiceJob!
    I really enjoyed the recorded video your coming from us Live at the show , TJ.
    I can speak for everyone here, but I'm certainly and glad you did a good job came through to all of us from live. that it look good.
    The boat:
    So TJ, I'm not a sport fan, so that drop down T.V., you know ….the one above the saloon, or is it a Salon? anyway, the T.V….. I won't be able to watch it,
    you know , with the "game on" and everything, or even baseball. I could have it removed then right? Maybe put something in there i could watch movies on, or music videos or even shows coming from me live on like a car show with live cars from it to me should i buy the boat, cool Damn!
    Moving on, other than the Ocean Alexander Automatic Pneumatic signature, what other signatures does Ocean Alexander have?

    Are all of those Hidden Littles just the Signatures on the boat already or of the Signature on the boat already. are the Hidden Little extra signatures included as standard signatures or do you have more than that then the signatures of the hidden littles are they standard option package signatures included at the show? or on the boat as optional basic package Little hiddens other than you were showing cause you can never have a big enough package.
    other than that I love all the more Hidden littles definiatly the signature of all what Ocean Alexanders and they stand for how the have so many do they have just are there?

    You certainly know that T.V. in the master stateroom, the one "that i don't have to even know that it's there", but I already do know that it's there, because you just showed me it's there….I thought long and hard about it ….and …well, they decided we don't want to know that is there so i can look out the window and read a book and then maybe I'll do something else. So now what? I already know it's there… you showed it to me . can you move it and not tell me where you put it so i can get on with my.

    Send me an email at the self addressed stamped enclose envelope above If you'd like to set up an face to face conference call in person, you have my text message me at my office assistant can fax me your contact info as we discussed.

  13. Donelle Davis says:

    29k per month or 45k per month or 1 mill per year

  14. Blake Dewayne says:

    so many places to shit…..

  15. Eric Highsmith says:

    Love watching these video's.. used to live on a boat myself (while working on a ship in the Navy), lived on a 28' 1991 Bayliner Ciera while working in the engine rooms of a Navy Destroyer. Watching these videos I notice all the differences, my boat virtually no room to walk around in inside-this video, stairs hallways etc.. navy engine room- dirty JP-5 pipes, valves, oil everywhere.. on this yacht engine room looks pristine! Would love to be able to work as a deckhand on one of these yachts. Any job offering? Seems like I have to actually go to the marina's and talk with the crew to be a deckhand.

  16. KalenvS says:

    nice video @MarineMax . One suggestion though, perhaps you could film these video tours with a wider angle lens. It would help a lot with showing us more, and give us a better sense of atmosphere. Think of it like this. We aren't interested in a specific chair or table top. We are interested in seeing whole rooms. Real estate pictures take advantage of this theory well. Cheers

  17. peter raymund says:


  18. vitaliy smal says:

    To much money and garbage

  19. Steve Jovan says:

    Entirely too crowded living area! Compared to others it’s simply a plain Jane! Dated compared to other boats. See the 95 Azimut is you want something nice in this size.

  20. Gunner4Ever says:

    Where can i buy one?

  21. cookiemonxchu says:

    When this yacht is better than your house..

  22. Jay Chopra says:

    10 years and I'll buy the same…

  23. Sugarthepug says:

    To big for me

  24. xXShniperweselXx says:

    Looking forward to having the kind of money for this beauty

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