Top 10 People Banned from Saturday Night Live

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It takes a lot to be banned from Saturday Night Live… yet somehow, these celebrities managed to! We’ll be looking at Rage Against the Machine, Martin Lawrence, Elvis Costello, Sinéad O’Connor, Frank Zappa, Adrien Brody, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 people banned from Saturday Night Live.

#10. Rage Against the Machine
#9. Charles Grodin
#8. Fear
#7. Elvis Costello
#6. Adrien Brody
#5. Frank Zappa
#4. Martin Lawrence
#3, #2, #1: ???

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32 Responses

  1. says:

    We obviously meant to show Robert Blake and not Merv Griffin.

  2. Σταυρος Ελλας says:


  3. ramO 1995 says:

    Ratm is good for the musical aspect and nothing else

  4. JoE KeRr says:

    Lorne Michaels is a genuine NBC bitch boy.

  5. Axeman Railing says:

    Zappa was decades ahead of his time!

  6. Marlin M says:

    I support anyone "banned" from SNL – they dared to speak the truth.

  7. smzig says:

    I watch SNL for humor and comedy. Not serious, controversial political statements. Want to make such a statement then do it in a joke.

  8. L ogic says:

    That's considered a badge of honor nowadays.

  9. Ca Bal says:

    8:18 and there you have it. SNL banning the funniest man alive at that time because they don't even begin to understand comedy.

    SNL was never funny. Not one time. Not the cheeseburger skid, nothing. Not even the start of a smile in over 40 years. Why is this crap still on? Should have been terminated after the second episode.

  10. Mutant Spartacus says:

    Seagull is a fat beta soy boi

  11. nandezification says:

    Comedy since Greek times has been used to protest and point out all that is wrong with society. I guess SNL is bought and sold, I mean hey, they’re on a corporate owned network. But the sheep don’t know that.

  12. Tom says:

    Everything is considered inappropriate by Lorne. The inability of SNL to have a backbone about anything is why the show is so rarely ever funny. We can't get behind the moral direction of a joke when the show is so morally condemning of any and all stances.
    That said, Fuck Adrien Brody, man.

  13. medexamtoolsdotcom says:

    What about Tom Green? You're forgetting about Tom Green. He was my favorite host ever, because of him trolling them with the rock around the clock sketch. The deafening silence in that, was hilarious.

  14. Jarl Knudsen says:

    SNL was never funny. This list should be called, "The 10 times SNL was actually interesting."

  15. Mon Rudker says:

    Sinead is awesome and I will remember her stance against the Church and figured back then on TV she had some gripe to say what she said about the Church and never hated her for it. She will always have my respect.

  16. c rigby says:

    Frank Zappa – Legend

  17. dumptruck_ds says:

    BTW the O'Conner thing had nothing to do with the abuse scandals which came DECADES later. This is an absolute falsehood. Go read a book about the "struggles" before spreading misinformation.

  18. Ragabash Moon says:

    Halfway through the video, I'm pausing it to make a prediction… Sinead O'Connor is #1.

  19. Imperator Victix. says:

    Its ok they're cultural Marxists.

  20. Jonah Ives says:

    it's a shame they banned Martin Lawrence, that was one of the funniest episodes snl had that decade

  21. Ricardo Macias says:

    Kaufman Hilarious. Hilarious.

  22. Ricardo Macias says:

    "Segal"s great".

  23. Paul Peter says:

    ALL These wicked Popes are satans disciples !!

  24. Ricardo Macias says:

    "Martin L" Ha ha ha ha Funny.

  25. Ricardo Macias says:

    Zappa no Drugs. Now that's kool.

  26. Ricardo Macias says:

    "Brody the Man"

  27. benerval7 says:

    Rage against the Machine…anti-capitalists that area making money off of the capital of others. stupid.

  28. Very Woke says:

    Martin nearly cost them all their job? Lol please what a bunch of bullshit

  29. Very Woke says:

    Rage Against the Machine was anti-capitalist yet they still cashed in on huge commercial success? How much sense does that make Sirius

  30. Ouija Silverstar says:

    Watching #1's message from the early 80's and flash forward to today with the Catholic Church in Harrisburg being prosecuted for child abuse. It's like Groundhog Day for a lot of people.

    Sometimes I hate being from Pennsylvania.

  31. p0llenp0ny says:

    Lorne Michaels sucks.

  32. Tim Earl says:

    Lauren Michael's statement at the end of the video could be attributed to every SNL episode.

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