Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever!!

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Awesome people 2017! people doing crazy stunts.

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19 Responses

  1. sheryar wazir wazir says:

    Oh little heart not see

  2. Sanjay Gupta says:

    Back ground music please change.

  3. roger thornton says:

    # 6 and 5 were loco !!!!

  4. Sona Gevorgyan says:

    Can you change the music, please

  5. Rehan Mian says:


  6. Claude Raymond says:

    6 is just sick

  7. Ripley LB426 says:

    Music SUCKS!!!

  8. Srecko petronijevic says:

    Jebes budale posle kazu sudbina a sami trazu kurac

  9. Дмитрий Гайдаш says:


  10. surendra kumar says:

    Real HEROS

  11. Vietnam Rides says:

    oh my god !

  12. tanyaraj rathore says:

    Wwe high jumps

  13. Vincent Marwein says:

    Wow Awesome

  14. john chisholm says:


  15. Farrukh Husnain says:

    I jumped other side of bed once .should be no 1.

  16. Boubacar Sarr says:


  17. Gregori Rasputin says:

    Background Music is pure Hate

  18. Prince Khan says:

    Sad music

  19. Derby Life says:

    Lame I've done half of this in my back yard

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