Thruxton Run: Week 3 (of a Thruxton R Custom Build in 8 weeks!)

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This week at the Gasoline Motor Co workshop, Wenley finally gets stuck in and makes some progress. While waiting for parts he strips the bike and gets into some grinding.


Presenting “Thruxton Run”, a new weekly Stories of Bike series following world class custom builder Wenley Andrews as he takes on a custom build project to transform a Triumph Thruxton R in time for a reveal at the Throttle Roll bike show on April 15.

WARNING: The style of this series is very different to our feature episodes and RIDERS series. It’s shot fast and very loose with a fast edit for quick turnaround to manage a new episode each week for 8 weeks. But you’ll get to see Wenley up close and all the characters involved in the build along the way.

This series is proudly supported by Triumph Australia, Throttle Roll, Gasoline Motor Co. and Pipeburn.


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20 Responses

  1. Geoff Gyro says:

    WEEK 3
    Wenly discusses (allot) what he might be thinking about maybe doing something to the bike someday..

  2. marco antonio gutierez rosales says:

    I really like the videos of this channel, Ive seen them all. But this series is, to me, very very boring. 3 videos in and we barely see him do some work. Just too much talking and saying what he wants to do and he seems that he's not even certain of what he is doing. Im not trying to be disrespectful, but your older content was a lot better then this.

  3. Freddie Riboni says:


  4. Nermket says:

    Finally, a video that doesn't have that generic copyright-free music playing all the time. I wish the other youtubers would just stop it lol

  5. MOTOBOB says:

    Enjoying this series – ignore the hate! I think it's hard for vloggers to film a build creatively because they're trying to work on the bike and film at the same time. So I'm enjoying the production and editing on this series, as well as the bike. Cheers!

  6. keepitrunning says:

    Sometimes I think of what I could do given such resources, as it is at least some people can, meantime I just do what I can to keep my old wrecks running and hope I might be able to keep two out of the six ready to ride at any one time. Sell some, you say, no you don't get it obviously.

  7. itsjussjerry says:

    So many cry babies commenting! I guess they love having a bike that looks like everyone else's.

  8. itsjussjerry says:

    Love this series!

  9. Elliot T says:

    I just don't get this series.

  10. Dkkbulletsmile says:

    well mate, this is really good. love all the customised bikes but would recommend you to have an engineer with you while you are thinking of doing something new to the bike. Some thing might need to be consulted before taking action bike wise. This dues to the fact that this model is so different from the previous model where you have more areas to improve on the 900 than the R, both performance and look.

    I'm saying this because i'm doing exactly the same as you, customising my thrux r.

    you have few ideas that are same as me such as m-lock, bigger tires or even low the bike down a inch or two, seat and so on…

    i'll share some of what i experienced with this bike, it cant go over 170 without any modifications to the chain because it is so close to the frame but if you want to fit 200 that's the whole different story. One guy in Thailand, he put 200 tire on thrux R, what he did was chopped off the entire swingarms and hand made a new swingarm.

    another thing for using m-lock beware of immobilizer on the key, motogadget doesn't come up with the new m-unit for this bike yet.

    So happy customising 😀

  11. John Mård says:

    I really don't like the way he uses the grinder without covering things. He did that with the Bonneville too. Let's see what happens next! 🙂

  12. David Lahood says:

    I'm loving this series. Your take on what your bike needs to look like are polarising many of us. I say each and everyone to their own. Looking forward to the next episode.

  13. midas61 says:

    My god, he nearly did something!!!!
    Three weeks in and all I'm seeing is some idiot talking bollocks!……..

  14. SS says:

    A perfect way to FUCK your NEW BIKE !

  15. looseparts says:

    "somehow all that stuff got fitted in there" By a well-paid team of excellent engineers. This coming from a guy who makes rear cowls from PVC sewer pipe, so whatever, but in this case I think the best improvement you could have made to this Thruxton R would have been to just walk away from it – it was already perfect.

  16. Pamberjack says:

    Needs more grinding. 😉

  17. MrTonifumi says:

    pretentious bs

  18. ScullyTales says:

    Loving this series!

  19. Thanchanit Chomduang says:


  20. Karl Winterstein says:

    Thanks for your dedication Cam, your influence on documenting the custom bike culture & events in Australia and abroad over the years is very much appreciated. Longtime, First Time..haha 🙂 Keep Hustling!

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