The Red Bull Air Force’s Feminine Side | Miles Above: S1E7

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Check out their indoor skydiving jam session:
There’s only one in the entire universe; a woman rocking the sky in an official Red Bull Air Force helmet. As the first-and-only female member of the team, Amy Chmelecki brings a fresh perspective and an unparalleled flair for flying to every dimension of the sport. Equally adept at wingsuit flying or wind tunnel aerobatics, this three-time World Champion continues to push the edge of what’s possible. Her utter commitment, confident humility and amazing flying prowess remind us that, even in this been-there, seen-that era, there are still some sky-blazing pioneers capable of lifting us all.

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17 Responses

  1. Ambrose Ezzat says:

    One of my favourite chores is mowing the lawn, that's when I kinda do most of my thinking, every once in a while you get that epiphany : Bing!

  2. Pipo Weiss says:

    What is the song at 3:44 ?

  3. Bodhiboy1090 says:

    I fly at Ifly Seattle

  4. Nathan mow says:

    ya she better keep her mouth shut…

  5. Robert Varney says:

    Anyone here educated on how to be certified to sky dive solo? 

  6. 847MicRoss says:

    "Women are better students then men, we listen"
    Please….. I watch your gender on Facebook during  class all day.

  7. Benjamín del Valle Gutiérrez says:
  8. Sophia Bedford says:

    I thought she was camron deiz

  9. DexterGoneWild says:

    Feel like this series should be re-titled "The Red Bull Air Force". lol

  10. feku96 says:

    +Red Bull 6:07 song please!

  11. parklifelee says:

    You had me at 10seconds. Unsubscribe

  12. bartsshorts says:

    she looks like a big russian breed

  13. Dorian27sky says:


  14. Liam Mcg says:

    will there be another who is job… please i love that sereis

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