The Objectification of women The Helicopter

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36 Responses

  1. Jab Jal says:


  2. Clyde Clyde says:

    Lol love it

  3. Hechicero Perez says:

    Que ricas tus NALGOTAS CON ESE RUIDO

  4. Gerfeson Alves says:

    Tira essa fruta da frente e deixa eu ver outra fruta linda

  5. Jonathan Rendon says:

    Que rico suenan esas nalgas

  6. Rich C says:

    I really love your peaches want to shake your tree

  7. pedro eissa says:

    nossa que delicia, só faltou meu rosto e meu pau aí no meio dessa bunda maravilhosa.njs nela

  8. Coda Avery says:

    Why the censor?

  9. Fernando Cantù says:

    Still best scenario so far & what a view caind of…..

  10. Rocki Rodriguez says:

    Deja las ver bien de perdido

  11. Riccardo Shaqja says:

    Hahahahahahah mmmm sexy

  12. brapman brap says:

    very clever x

  13. Batman DrStrange says:

    this is nerdy and lesbian and stupid

  14. LUCAS zzZ.#FamíliaTiãoGames10k says:


  15. ravindra125d says:

    Next time PUBG..

  16. Martial Julien says:

    Nice "fruit"

  17. BigTxGravy says:

    LOL Glorious !!

  18. Game GAME BRASIL says:


  19. Leroy Zehner says:

    I believe in you!

  20. Javier Ramos says:

    No bi casi nada mas q perdi mi tiempo

  21. Brad Pittote says:

    Que rico te repapalotean las nalgas. Así en mi cara.

  22. gngndthg jyhhf says:


  23. Edward Bibillio says:


  24. Escofy Breccia says:

    soy un genia amiga

  25. William Butcher says:

    Get to the choppaaaa * sticks face in your booty*

  26. El Man says:

    Q sonido más hermoso y exitante

  27. luishelo1 says:

    Que rico

  28. Michael Naputi says:

    So so juicey

  29. Yo says:

    Te como ese melocotón mamacita.

  30. Joe Fingerbender says:

    Best helicopter sound effect I ever heard. Kinda gives me a warm tingly sensation….I wish I knew why…hmmm…

  31. mcgaugh57 says:

    Great now I can't stand up

  32. charles sowers says:

    i like your chopper best !!!

  33. Miguel Chavez says:


  34. Mariovaldo Ferreira says:

    Q gran y bello trasero !

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