The moment Clipper Race crew discovers dead sailor in yacht

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The moment Clipper Race crew discovers dead sailor in yacht
The moment Clipper Race crew discovers dead sailor in yacht
Clipper Race have released footage from a crew whose member swum out to a drifting yacht and discovered dead German sailor Manfred Fritz Bajorat inside.
The moment the mummified sailor was discovered: Yacht team release footage from crew member who found tragic German widower in horrifying state
Footage shows moment yacht crew found Manfred Fritz Bajorat’s body
Discovered vessel off the southern coast of the Philippines on January 31
Team told US Coast Guard who then gave them clearance to continue race
Adventurer’s boat Sayo was rediscovered on February 25 by two fishermenThis is the moment a horrified sailor made the grim discovery of a mummified adventurer on board a yacht drifting off the coast of the Philippines.
A crew member on board a round-the-world yacht jumped in to the ocean and swam out to the vessel after his team spotted it drifting without a mast in the Pacific west of Guam.
At first, after boarding the yacht, he reported that nobody was on board. But seconds later, as he started to examine the interior, he shouted out after discovering the body of German mariner Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59.
Footage shows the unnamed sailor boarding Manfred Fritz Bajorat’s yacht before radioing his team mates
The LMAX Exchange team, competing in the Clipper 2015-16 Round The World Yacht Race, found his boat, Sayo, on January 31 during a crossing from Airlie Beach, Australia, to Da Nang – Vietnam.
Eeries footage shows the vessel drifting without a mast before a crew member leaps into the sea and makes his way over to investigate.
After liaising with the US Coast Guard in Guam, the team was instructed to carry on racing as it could provide no further assistance and USCG Guam took over the investigation.
Clipper Race Director Justin Taylor also notified the German Embassy in London, who informed the German Police and Coast Guard. They were then able to trace the sailor’s next of kin via the boat registration details provided by the team.
The vessel was not rediscovered until February 25 when two fishermen found it in the Pacific Ocean 40 miles off the coast of Barobo town in Surigao del Sur. By this time it had drifted more than 1,000
Mystery: Mr Bajorat’s body was found near to the radio telephone as if he was trying one last desperate Mayday call to save himself when he died
A statement said: ‘We hoped to avoid causing unnecessary alarm within the international sailing community by announcing the death of a then unknown sailor.’
The statement added that the sailor who made the discovery had found the experience ‘quite distressing’.
After fishermen re-discovered the vessel pictures emerged that went around the world showing the mummified body of the adventurer, a former insurance salesman who gave up his landlubber life for adventure on the high seas.
His hand seemed hand seemed to be reaching for a radio telephone as if her were making one last desperate bid to send a Mayday message.
At first it was feared he may have fallen prey to pirates but an autopsy showed he had died of a heart attack. How long he had been dead remains unclear.
He had been sailing along since the death of his wife Claudia, 53, in 2010.
He buried her on the Caribbean island of Martinique – the place where, it is understood, he too will be laid to rest when the police probe into the tragedy is completed.

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