The Lost Rider | Keep Your Tips Up: S2E8 (Season Finale)

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Sean and crew journey through the tunnels of a massive glacier on their last day shooting his skiing concept. After many painstaking hours of riding, filming, and editing, Sean is proud to present: The Lost Rider.

0:00 “Chilling” by Rangadang (Sounds of Red Bull):
1:12 “Precision” by Wide Sky (Sounds of Red Bull):
6:15 “Lynch” by Dreamless (Sounds of Red Bull):
10:08 “Roads” by Dreamless (Sounds of Red Bull):

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Keep Your Tips Up: The Lost Rider | S2E8 (Season Finale)

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37 Responses

  1. FootballFifaDuo says:

    season 3333333333

  2. BNRL _ says:

    Season 3 pleeeeeaaasseee

  3. Kevin Mills says:

    I had to pause just to say how shitty this intro is to a ski part, I stopped watching

  4. Cheeky Fishing says:


  5. HellzJanitor says:

    Anyone know what kind of sunglasses he's wearing? 6:12

  6. Sebastian Miller says:

    When is season 3 coming out?

  7. FootballFifaDuo says:

    please make season 3 for next season

  8. fernando g. aguirre says:

    Something different, good job guys! Not just skiers!!! Congrats for all of you guys! thanks for inspiring younger generation!!!!! Aloha form Maui!

  9. Momchil Piralkov says:

    cant wait for season three…just beautiful shredding.

  10. Иван Савельев says:

    How can i find this music? 3:13

  11. efox2001 says:

    I don’t care for the writing but the film is nice.

  12. Alex Papaloizos says:

    Let's all ask Sean Pettit to help us find the haunting song at 3.10….

  13. blue cookiez says:

    season 3 plz!

  14. Sam Bott says:

    the lost rider would be a sick video game

  15. Дмитрий Хитрый says:

    ААААууууу "red bull" вы нам расскажете , что за трэк играет на 3.13 сек. ???
    AAAAAauuuuuuu, red bull , you can tell us what song is 3.13 sec ????

  16. Fabian Camarena says:

    Please make a season 3.

  17. Great White Snow says:

    Loved the last two seasons and featured them on the website. Great work guys and looking forward to a third!

  18. keck angle says:

    nice respect to the 187

  19. Big Show says:

    song at 3:10?

  20. SuperCaptainSnoopy says:

    I fell asleep halway through the video. Nice music, haha.

  21. Snaggle Puss says:

    Can I get likes cause I was in a skiing accident.

  22. Revision Skis says:

    Nicely made video, super neat shots!

  23. Jack Neppi says:

    check my vlog

  24. Chris Poole says:

    anyone catch in the credits "secial thanks"

  25. MrSniezek says:

    his mask i epic, can anyone tell me if i can buy one o those?

  26. zgv891jan zgv891jan says:

    Wie heist der helm

  27. Dylan Stone says:

    Season three pleaseeeeeeeee

  28. Дмитрий Хитрый says:

    Please Help to find the first track 3.13sec !

  29. Jack McClelland says:

    Entourage outro (Y)

  30. speedpilot12 says:

    what name has the last song at the outro??

  31. Luke Golden says:

    fun stuff!

  32. Pavel Petkov says:

    Guys please film season 3 and season 4 and season 5 you get it just never stop. Those videos are why I come to Youtube

  33. Till Doyen says:

    I really love this series. If only they didn't have to use every cool line somebody says or skies in the video in the intro.. That's so annoying..

  34. Jules Pouzot says:

    Where was it ?

  35. AequitasVeritas says:

    damn the trailer at the end was so dope

  36. Kjeld Petersen says:

    super mad! all of you guys did an amazing job! already looking forward for the next one haha

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