The History of Chris-Craft

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A video summary of the last 140 years building boats.

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  1. Doug Finlay says:

    This video sure breezed over the 1960's quickly, when Chris Craft was the dominant builder of boats . . . in wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminium. Runabouts to 60 foot plus yachts. Regrettably, the brand started to fade rather rapidly in the 70's. Conglomerate ownership and lack of innovation took hold, not a lot different from the fate of OMC. Both companies lost their high status from the 60's. The cycle of corporations, from the top of the hill to the bottom, be it Sears, Kodak, Pan American, or a host of others

  2. Gordon Anderson says:

    I have never gotten any argument about this – so here goes –
    The 1957 38 foot Constellation we had (and I had to varnish so many times) was/is the most beautiful wooden power boat ever made.
    I sure miss it now, yet it looks to have gone to LA and was seen in a few TV commercials; still named after me and my brother & sister "Timarlin".

  3. georg57 garvy says:

    I thought the Chris-Craft in the 40s and 50s made of mahogany were for more beautiful than the plastic boats of today.

  4. HistoricSteamTV says:

    On Lake Erie many bootleggers used Chris Craft boats, there was a guy in Windsor that had a huge one and dug out side of shoreline and hid 20 feet of the boathouse under the lawn. LOL!

  5. Gevan Mamoj says:

    Thanks for the quick service, the plans arrived yesterday. I have just about finishing a boat when they came with an idea on how to finish up, and they gave me a few lessons in boat building! [Check Details Here==> ] Thanks to them!

  6. FOAML8X says:

    Parents owns one in the mid 60's. Great memories. Beautiful boat.

  7. Randall Murphree says:

    I owned a 1967 36' Constellation. A good boat.

  8. adam waugh says:

    I just bought a 1971 31 foot Chris Craft looking for a lot of enjoyment for me and my family she has been stored for 20 years only been on the water for two like new got a great deal on it and I know she is a good boat

  9. C Hirschmann says:

    when I was a little boy Mother and Daddy bought a new Chris Craft out of Salt Air in Miami Beach it was a roamer or was it a constellation I think it was a constellation that boat li we had many many fun times in that boat I miss our boat but hopefully she's on the sea somewhere

  10. Mike Gates says:

    Check it out !
    1961 Chris Craft Continental 19' **Premium Restoration ** – $29800 (Tacoma)

  11. Jeannemarie Trotta says:

    Great video – My mom Regina Berger when she was a teenage in Algonac, Michigan in the 1940's watched Chris Smith's grand kids – Bernard & Neil Smith. Their father also worked at the Chris Craft factory in Algonac.
    Chris Smith who was a duck hunter and made his own boats made some really neat wood fast boats. They just glided on the water too!
    Tony Trotta

  12. Carl Lelandt says:

    There's also some great books on Chris-Craft history too. Pictures, but go into more detail.

  13. Brenda Kennedy says:

    I really enjoyed that.  Your boats are so beautiful!

  14. GoMiGman says:

    Interesting, so they don't build anymore full, wooden/mahogany boats anymore, just the fiberglass ones they mentioned in the end?  That's too bad. 

  15. Liberals are Icky says:

    Chicks dig Chris Craft!

  16. Eddie Giovanniello says:

    Chris Craft has a long American history, its a great video on the  
    History of Chris Craft you'll be impressed by the video on you tube

  17. Chuck Davis says:

    It was in Algonac then…

  18. Chuck Davis says:

    I actually worked there for a whole Day!

  19. James Gibson says:

    Theres a great new dealer in Ontario Canada in the 1000 islands. River Rat Marine.

  20. Noah Jenkins says:

    We have a 1960 50' Chris craft constellation.

  21. 1emailer says:

    I grew up on the Ohio River aboard several wooden Chris-Craft cruisers. Time well spent.

  22. dphotos says:

    The Capri's and the Riviera's were my favorite designs.

  23. ChrisCraftBoats says:

    Ironically, Riva was owned by the same owner that currently owns Chris-Craft.

  24. Dan L says:

    Riva Aquarama and Riva in general: faster, better (quality), far more beautiful and elegant

  25. CaliHavok says:

    So smarty pants. Tell us the right answers…

  26. iwantthisname says:

    Beautiful boats! I have a 1942 Express for sale.

  27. ford9572 says:

    I have a 2009 Launch 22 Chris-Craft with a GM Vortec 8100 Big Block that'll do 63 mph!!!

  28. dynodon427 says:

    Great video!

  29. brian thompson says:

    Something about the beauty of a ChrisCraft man is just like a Lincoln.

  30. dphotos says:

    1950's were my favorite years.

  31. wideworldofsports says:

    There will always be a Chris Craft.

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