Testing the Puzzlebox Orbit Brain-Controlled Helicopter

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For National Robotics Week, we visited Stanford University’s Robot Block Party to meet some makers and check out their projects, big and small. One project on display was the Puzzlebox Orbit, a toy helicopter that you activate with your thoughts.

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  1. Ɇmmanuel Đ. says:

    To do list: Connect 1000 of them to the "remote", Take over the world

  2. Ziyad Tameem says:

    can you control the direction at which it travels?

  3. shadow99917 says:

    she just said 4 plus 2 is 8 ha-ha

  4. yafavvmilah says:

    I don't know if this is the case, but it looks like it operates on BioFeedback principles… I'm a mental health therapist and use a biofeedback system at work called HeartMath that uses a similar ear sensor (that program is great for helping people with anxiety/adhd/ptsd/etc.)… it uses Heart Rate Variability to illustrate internal "Coherence"… I bet that helicopter is doing the same thing… When he was focusing on his toe, he was using a mindfulness technique that was bringing him into this coherence and triggering the device… basically, you have to regulate the distance between your heart beats (not as hard as it sounds) by breathing slow and steady and bringing your mind into a neutral space (which doesn't mean 'clear,' just neutral – like thinking about your toe)… the copter thing was also using neural feedback (forehead sensor thing) – not as familiar with how that part works, but I'm guessing pretty similar to the heart-rate feedback (you have a pulse point in your ear lobe – that's why there's an ear sensor). That thing looks really awesome – I bet it would actually make for a really neat therapy tool.

  5. Darshita Chopra says:

    I WANT THIS! 😀

  6. Ninjamatt 124 says:

    She's so kawaii

  7. josh capell says:

    Fucking asian dude did math really quick.

  8. Amanda Moore says:

    This is an excuse to get kids to do their math homework.

  9. mistyxrose says:


  10. Cody Cerniglia says:

    +grav3yardgirl  sent me here!

  11. Steve the griffin says:

    whenever I see stuff like this, I get, so exited. I want to tell everybody. Am I normal? 

  12. Elessar Yávëtil says:

    now can you control its every movement by  just looking and thinking  in the direction you want it to go for example if you look at a door  that leads into a room and  just think of the  helicopter   flying into the room will it work that way ?

  13. jx says:

    I am skeptical  That this actually works on brainwaves is more likely the headset can sense changes in body temperature?

  14. Tooted13 says:

    no man this actually works. use other sites!

  15. Ce79 .oe says:


  16. DumpinMyGun says:

    That ugly chick is hot..

  17. Trav Broo says:

    cool ideal but seems lame lmao but potential later seems dope wtf it flies up for 3 secs for 190 bucks… lol my brain constantly is in active thought tho id really like to test it with my aspergers syndrome… and adult adhd

  18. Benjamin Hershey says:

    So if this measures the intensity of your thoughts via electric voltage, can you apply a voltage to your head and cause you to have really intense thoughts?

  19. Mick7sp says:

    Tiny warning label on bottom reads:

    "Warning: Do Not Attempt To Operate While Twerking"

  20. STRAIGHT says:

    First appear on ,,Kickstarter'' site and she buys it there so presented as heres ideea
    wich doesn't seems she have a bright alfa or beta waves for controling her helicopter.

  21. meekash ramtahal says:

    Mom always win

  22. jdavis882 says:

    Lol I can see it now… Parent buys this for kid, kid thinks hell yeah new toy!

    Kid doesn't realize that mom will force kid to wear it during homework time. Helicopter no fly? Kid no doing homework. Mom wins again.

  23. Laurence Pétillot says:


  24. Josh Garrett says:

    Despite what elitist transhumanist Ray Kurzweil says, the technology we manifest will not be the catalyst for any "human evolution".

  25. Josh Garrett says:

    Brain-computer interface. Transhumanism anyone? Do you honestly think the powers that be would let us use that technology? No, that's why a lot of these people end up working under the government in some capacity.

  26. gam ma says:

    She's cute indeed.

  27. Mr420Spy says:

    imagine how many people are gonna strap a camera to this and go drone-perving. trademark!!!!!! im calling it now !!!

  28. Mr420Spy says:

    Nasa called , the Alien baby they got in the hidden basement, said it wants its toy back.

  29. LeonhartGR says:

    Smart and beautiful! Love her!

  30. ma al says:

    This definitely will fly out of the universe during the final week 🙂

  31. Mozzie says:

    you made it mad

  32. kevin thompson says:

    So awesome

  33. Tim Landscheidt says:

    Waiting for Norm's "flying under various influences" test next week :-).

  34. francisco godinez says:

    my cousin had one of these, i used it and i thought about how useless math is…. it flew away and never came back

  35. Brandon Hooper says:

    this makes math a little more fun

  36. Druminator says:

    That was pretty damn cool!

  37. Bright Spark says:

    A force, not THE force.
    The Force is under copyright by Luc- erm, I mean Disney.

  38. vanzunator says:


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