test run demolition derby wagon

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9 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    Nice Car did you win?

  2. Joel Smitley says:

    That car is sittin way too high in the back. Do you flat leaf your wagons?

  3. canadiancatgreen says:

    ok sorry thanks

  4. bartz42 says:

    i did see the car and was wanting to hit the car. its a derby car thats what you do with them is hit other cars. this is just for fun at home before finishing the car to take to the derby, and its a 76 pontiac safari wagon

  5. canadiancatgreen says:

    wow neat car but the driver is clueless he appears to be looking behind him and still does is not able to see the car there or at least does not know how to avoid crashes what year of f car did the manic drive and what is the car he did not see

  6. johnny taylor says:

    BAD ASS!!!!!!!

  7. Michael McDonald says:


    Sounds like the beige one is a Oldsmobile, not sure on the blue one tho.

  8. bartz42 says:

    yes on kingswood and the other is a pontiac safari wagon. and yes its a bent axle from when a friend ran that rear end in a outlaw derby. I ran it that way twice now and never broke. i didnt have a replacement its changed now and have the bent one as a backup

  9. grandcreator11 says:

    the blue wagon was a Chevy Kingswood, right? & the beige one must be an Oldsmobile.

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