Tallship gale – ocean sailing

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Tallship Soren Larsen ocean sailing in a gale between Easter Island and Pitcairn, making 9 knots in great ocean sailing conditions. Filmed by Poul Sodeman. See www.sorenlarsen.co.nz for more info.

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15 Responses

  1. xen70 says:

    Going aloft bare footed

    -That is RESPECT!!

  2. Jeff Bell says:

    that's the way to sail…on a tall ship

  3. AltaMirage says:

    Interesting footage. What time of year was this? I am heading out to the Pacific next year.

  4. MF11283 says:

    I knew you were revering to modern times. and its still not economical with current sailing technology. its been looked into over and over for the past century. and my bad I didnt pay attention that the comment was 4 years old. was the top one on the screen, only reason I saw it

  5. MF11283 says:

    shipping companies have looked into auxilary sail power since the steam engine took over. the costs of the man power needed and the loss of cargo room vs fuel saved isnt a good enough deal in our current world

  6. p61guy says:

    Awesome! Thanks for posting

  7. orckiller91 says:

    @TallshipSoren Ya know they would pay for themselves in the fuel they would save their owners.

  8. TheJaykay95 says:

    I'd love to learn to sail a tallship, climbing in the looks like a blast. My good friend who sails atleast five hours every day is named Soren, I found this kind if ironic.

  9. Captain Dan says:

    Great Sailing !!!

    I have been sailing mocern yachts for a while now, but I miss the charm of traditional sailing – 2,6 HEAVE !!!!!

    It's great when you get these old girls in big winds and ease out the sheets, fill the squares, waves comming over the deck and draining out the scuppers – every sailor should experience this sort of thing – even non sailors for that matter.

  10. Slambo2k says:

    How can I get to sail on a boat like this? Neal

  11. TallshipSoren says:

    The Soren Larsen is eco friendly in her voyaging. These ships would still cost a fortune to build and crew these days. Note she is now in the tropics west from Tahiti.

  12. Captain Dan says:

    Great stuff !! Nothing is better then a good hard blow of the quarter and you ease out those booms 🙂

    Makes all those days going to windward worth it.

  13. Rhumbline Media says:

    Dang- this looks awsome. Wish I was there

  14. moribundxix says:

    i'm a sodeman… wierd.

  15. Donna Prior says:

    Amazing!! Hang on everyone! I can't wait to sail with you again.

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