Syma S107 RC Helicopter Review and Test Flight

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A quick hands-on review and test flight of the awesome Syma S107 RC Helicopter. The flight time is about 5-8 mins per charge. Charge time on USB is about 30-40 mins.

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42 Responses

  1. RC-NitroKid says:

    cool I got the same one and haven't crashed yet still works and can hover pretty good

  2. Mr Chevy Man ! says:

    I bought a blue one from ebay 18.99 free shipping

  3. Lost Pupper says:

    i got it for £20

  4. Josh Niehaus says:

    Check out these landings with the S 107.

  5. iamcolinedwards says:

    Hi, do you know if you can use 2 helicopters in the same area?

  6. Speckdeck says:

    Does the chinook version come with USB charger?

  7. Joe Dodd says:

    I got that drum kit in the background

  8. Cody Barnette says:

    That is good to hear! Thank you!

  9. Cody Barnette says:


  10. Cody Barnette says:

    Thank you for your kind comment 🙂

  11. garrett coffel says:

    Mine was $25

  12. free2mylife says:

    nice landing dude…

  13. Mathew Greer says:

    love it
    such great fun for like $20.00
    crash after crash, comes up smiling ready to go again.
    buy one you won't regret it.
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to14gRFXA

  14. Mihaela Juric says:

    3:10 I ve would like that in 3D

  15. Antonio Basurto says:

    i have this

  16. rlrsk8r1 says:

    Then get a 4 channel.

  17. mkadawametwa says:

    the 3ch are ok but theres no strafe or side to side flight!! you have up-down, turn left-right, and foward and back.

  18. Lucas Schroeder says:

    turning off the leds would increase significantly the autonomy of the battery?

  19. purrungas2012 says:

    tell you what, this heli is a tough boy" this is my first one and I strongly recommend it to beginers…. I have crashed it so many times that is not funny any more, super stable and very simple to use trim adjustment….just got my upgrade to the v911 fixed pitch and hopefully it will be as well built as the S107

  20. Justin Bangoy says:

    the light goes out until the helicopter is fully charged then it lights up again when it is ready to fly.

  21. zero030607 says:

    any idea how to change the frequency on the chopper?

  22. Eric Stewart says:

    It stabilizes it, when you fly forward or back, it spins to keep it steady.

  23. Ryan G says:

    Is the tail fin at the back decoration or does it stabilise the helicopter?

  24. jphritz011 says:

    Great review!! I was looking for a decent one, without paying too much. I found your review and I found it to be very informant able, so I purchased one today. In blue though. Thanks.

  25. Gary Smith says:

    I was given the S-3.5G got it home flew it for about 5 or so min. then when I went to charge it, no lights came on from the remote and using the usb cable light comes on when I hook it up to computer but when I plug the chopper in the light goes out. I'm sure this is faulty. So my opinion is I like the toy but GD at leased make it last a little longer than 1 flight.

  26. Jan Muldoon says:

    I got this for my husband for Christmas!!

  27. Cody Barnette says:

    Great comment 🙂 Thank you

  28. Cody Barnette says:

    The lights can't be turned off unless you disconnect the internal wires that run the lights.

  29. Cody Barnette says:

    The remote control takes standard AA batteries. It is not chargeable 🙂

  30. Cody Barnette says:

    Yes, I would return it.

  31. Villu666 says:

    the rear rotor should spin while pushing right stick up or down right? mine is not reacting… 🙁 it spins randomly making the heli goes backward really fast what leads to a crash.. should I return it?

  32. Kathee Wilkinson says:

    anyone know how to turn the lights off?

  33. Jan Muldoon says:

    Great review- thanks

  34. Idunno Dafuq says:

    nice dafugz

  35. whiff1962 says:

    You paid over ten dollars more than necessary.

  36. PesterWeaver says:

    What is the battery life

  37. Jordan Trostle says:

    and got it at the gas station for 39.99

  38. Jordan Trostle says:

    i have blue one but it is syma eXtreme and the box looks different the helis look the same mine is called a s-3.5G professional grade and the controller doesn't have a spring in it so it can hover

  39. Abubakar Aziz says:

    Ok thanks

  40. ColFlame says:

    thats the same thing as asking if you can pump your car with gas for 3 hours straight and run it for much longer without having to refuel 😛 besides its bad for the battery to overcharge it. u'd either burn it out or reduce its lifespan 🙂

  41. Abubakar Aziz says:

    I have a question. . .
    If you charge it for about 5 hours do you still get 5-8 mins of flight time?

  42. Scott Cupp says:

    and mine actually included main rotors as well as the tail rotor.

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