Speed Week 2018 Highlights

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The best clips from Bonneville

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14 Responses

  1. VITA kyo says:

    18:00 HOLLY **** Pffffeeeoooww …

  2. VITA kyo says:

    Could you PLEASE give us the speed for each machine ? ( Imperial + metric system )

  3. humanity now says:

    So what was the record this year please ?

  4. RadicalRalph Russo says:

    John the 2 thumbs down are prob BLM..LOL Great video 73s

  5. RadicalRalph Russo says:

    18m That is truly remarkable!

  6. RadicalRalph Russo says:

    1237m Is that John Force?

  7. RadicalRalph Russo says:

    John,Did you ask to video with a track stewart?Better shots and i'm sure Pat would set you up at 4-5-6 m,,Great job,Audio is great! TY73s

  8. Neil Dohi says:

    Me and a few of my friends wanna get into 4cyl. Streamliner naturally aspirated(still deciding class). But man we have a long way to go. 18:00! 😮

  9. Kevin Bowers says:

    18:0018:02 Damnit man, that car is 90 degrees off,and it straightened itself almost immediately. Amazing it didn't roll.

  10. Chris Donnelly says:

    Yes, they go in a straight line really fast…but dang they are some nice looking cars.

  11. David Philpot says:

    Love those sounds. Thanks for filming with audio.

  12. 13clicks ! says:

    At 18:00 what happened at the end of the spin? You edit it out of shut off the camera? Hope he’s ok in the spin.

  13. bvwatcher2 says:

    Great vid. T.Y.

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