Speed docking Twin Engine Boat Part 2

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Just a quick docking demo in and out of the slip. ( Nobody was harmed or offended I promise.) This was in a marina with our own listings, not private owners who would think this is a crazy guy acting inappropriately.. Hope this makes the docking more entertaining…

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11 Responses

  1. Elchapo62 says:

    great demo, it's amazing lots of boaters never think of practicing docking and leaving the dock until …………. crash.

  2. Michael Palmisano says:


  3. b1itsjustme says:

    Sorry for being a bit bent tonight. You're a boat guy. Peace.

  4. Doug Borrett says:

    Really, a 240p blur is that the best you could do.

  5. Kandela Brown says:

    Very nice; however, when boating i try to enjoy myself.

  6. jean durand says:

    Would like to see that explained with videos filming the command sticks

  7. Fight theIllusion says:

    like it

  8. SeabassVision says:

    Wow, nice work!

  9. Mimsk says:

    Would love to see it explained.

  10. 123webbone says:

    Great job.

  11. Chris O says:

    Love this…would like to see more

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