Speed boat from Selatpanjang port to Buton port

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This speedboat runs at 34kn at the maximum by 6 outboard motors.

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31 Responses

  1. Алексей Бобылёв says:

    А мусор нахера в воду бросать?

  2. angel men says:

    Pertama kali merantau dan bekerja…

  3. sous france souffrance says:


  4. The Reporter 999 says:

    I will rather have 4 400hp by Mercury

  5. xavier lecuivre says:

    Good Koichi Yamamoto

  6. ThePrimeGameProtector says:

    Legend has it, that they now have 10 Evinrude 400hp E-Tec G2 motors.

  7. Timothy Knatzke says:

    Guy that passed had a mercury

  8. Muhammad Oetomo says:

    Salam anak meranti

  9. Matticus Jenkins says:

    What I would give for just one of those

  10. Matticus Jenkins says:


  11. Riyadi Baron26 says:

    Mntap meranti….

  12. Damian Woodlion says:


  13. dick liddle says:


  14. bestamerica says:

    oh no no…
    6 motors are so heavy weight / drink too much gas…
    not worth it…
    best use 3 motors or use a compact car with V-6 motor

  15. Yellow Hammer says:


  16. ravingfurryforlife says:

    Not only are you a complete piece of s*** that threw litter into the river but you are clearly compensating for something. Whenever you see a boat like that with more than 4 engines it reminds me of people with micro-dicks that raise their trucks.

  17. mrobertson188 says:

    The large boat with one motor easily passes it

  18. Matt says:

    You should be running faster than 34kn. My bet is the props are stock and not tuned for this vessel.

  19. Air Experts says:

    6 outboard and the ferry takes him in the wholeshot

  20. Tabatha Creedence says:

    1:02 litterbug 🙂

  21. harley greaves small says:

    Speed boat? I bet jesus would run across water faster

  22. dukedalington says:

    How big's the boat??

  23. Jerry dos Santos says:

    eu quero saber pq serve tanto moto e pra dar pontecia e

  24. Paul Racine says:

    What a waste….not even fast!

  25. Nelson Thekkath says:

    You can see another boat over take this one.

  26. Anthony Fano says:

    Just get a few 627s on that thing

  27. Anthony Fano says:

    The description says max speed 34 knots. That’s sad

  28. Fly_Savage FPV says:

    Got enough power? Lol looks like a very smooth ride. You have earned my subscription.

  29. feastures says:

    I wonder how much the 5th and 6th engine contribute to the speed.

  30. kaxis26 says:

    Drug boat

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