Skiers rescued in dramatic helicopter manoeuvre – BBC News

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Footage has emerged of the heart-stopping helicopter rescue of a group of skiers from the Pass of Anterne in the French Alps.

One of the skiers was struggling with a knee injury, and was able to call for help using a mobile phone.

The pilot said the rescuers chose to perform the manoeuvre, known as a “skate support”, because of the weather conditions during the incident, which took place on 2 January.

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24 Responses

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Guy filming it is still there…

  2. bluethird says:

    I know absolutely nothing about flying a helicopter… but I can tell you that this is one seriously skilful and very dangerous manoeuvre! Hats off to the pilot and his nerves of steel.

  3. Papa Pies says:

    This mad lad doesn't even care how cool it looked.

    Hes like yeah I practice.

  4. Arturo S. says:

    Like the song: great balls of fire

  5. jacky jacky says:

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  6. Weixin Li says:

    great pilot

  7. Johnny Taylor says:

    Love the modesty

  8. Mark Dorsey says:

    take it from a guy whos flown on many types of copters in many conditions,that pilot is shit hot,absolutely unreal,especially in those conditions at that altitude.

  9. Frankie Davies says:

    My sisters gerbil has died it’s name was lenny

  10. Google Reviewer says:

    That is one hell of a skilled pilot….

  11. Cooler Cooler says:

    I bet those pilots can open a beer with the rotors

  12. Arnie2-D2 says:

    Airwolf !

  13. TaunTom says:

    With balls that big he's probably flying with no hands.

  14. TheMetalGuy852 says:

    I've seen plenty of "climber rescue" videos where helicopter pilots do this…. It's nothing new…..

  15. Grand Daddy Purple W says:

    The pilots man card just upgraded to super og pimp platinum hustler..

  16. Callum Bush says:

    Don't fund the British Brainwashing Corporation don't pay the TV licence!

  17. Aly Mcrobbie says:

    russia today R.T. REPORTED THIS FIRST youre late to the party or you just saw it on rt and seen there views and thought ooh can we get some views too EER NO YOU SUCK RT ARE A REAL NEWS NETWORK LOL

  18. Julberry Juan says:

    Manafort can smile with his honorable smile because he knows Trump won fair and square. Russia did not meddle in American elections, it was live and well represented and fast. The Americans who managed the elections actually did well. The fake news had been trying to find some collusion since 2016 they didnt find any Russian meddling.. However, israel meddling was and is very obvious. Israel not only meddles American election, israel also meddles with American News and Foreign Policy.

  19. Graham Drew says:

    This pilot has brass balls for sure. One tiny error and the copter is a casualty.

  20. Fixedguitar says:

    No no no and more NO! Unless he owns that helicopter he was out of line! It came out good but if he tried that with mine I’d beat his ass regardless.

  21. Khaled Elkhawaga says:

    That's one badass pilot. Hats off to you, sir.

  22. Santiago Patiño says:

    That dude played gta

  23. James Grey says:

    It's great they had a full camera crew there to film it.

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