Sikorsky – S-70 Battlehawk Helicopter [480p]

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45 Responses

  1. Cris Fernandez says:

    Welcome Chile to Battle hawks Helos members ? Congratulations Chile

  2. catkid 89 says:

    Is this us battlehawk or not

  3. Johan Herrera says:

    ohh look is a baby UH60L Arpia IV haha.

  4. Sahr says:

    copy of colombian Arpia IV

  5. Sr. topo says:

    Posible Compra Argentina

  6. 서준호 says:


  7. Regis Potasio says:


  8. carbiify says:

    Remake the S67 Blackhawk.

  9. [D]estiny says:

    ah64 apache + black hawk=battle hawk!!!

  10. Farah Fakhira says:

    biasa-biasa saja teknologinya.

  11. tomcatter11 says:

    Not really a new system or helicopter.  Just the standard optical and gun system used on the AH-64 Apache retrofitted to the Blackhawk or Pave hawk which utilises the side mounted weapon pylons albeit probably with a few tweaks and software updates.

  12. Ben Allen says:

    Love seeing the loaded words in these sorts of videos.
    "situational awareness"
    It just ends up being kinda cheesy.

  13. VFX3D says:

    You have to understand where MI-24 came from. Russians studies UH-1 performance in combat in Vietnam. They came to the same conclusion as Americans. Troop helicopters need armed escort. American solution as AH-1 Cobra, and UH-1H/V gunships, where weapons replaced troops. Later that evolved into AH-64 and Marine AH-1W and 1Z. Second conclusion, was that battlefield helicopter need armor, around engine, transmission, and crew compartment. Third conclusion. Main rotor hub, main rotor, and torque rotor assembly needed to be bullet proof up to heavy machine gun caliber.  Russian solution was to combine armed attack helicopter  and troop suppourt into one platform, MI-24. A large , heavy, and heavily armed helicopter. 

  14. Chance Smith says:

    "and laser guided missles for precision"    misses target by a foot

  15. William Thorton says:

    Its like a Hind but in a Blackhawk version more advanced and more effective

  16. crazyjds says:

    HInd is a good design with load limitation… 8 troop vs. 12-14 in a black hawk or similar type.  This is good for army/air forces who wants flexibility when needed but can be stowed when not.  Its not an apache replacement, it has same problem with the huey gunship(not that agile vs. dedicated attack helicopter).  Same goes with the Russian type that's  why they developed the Akula and Havoc.

  17. That Guy says:

    So the rusk stole us stuff because it looks al lot like the black hawk?

  18. Vitoria Santos says:

    volto a repetir vi outro vídeo, pelo youtube, uma beleza de tecnologia, e também dos profissionais que faz da máquina os que querem, como são treinandos, maravilhoso.

  19. WutFace says:

    funny fact Igor Sikorsky is russian, lol

  20. Justin Gamino says:

    The Comanche helicopter could have team up with the Battle Hawk.

  21. pudransemarikas says:

    why is the crapashe the best? it is in FACT the best helo blah blah blah ,night hunter has everything the crapashe has ,flir helmet mounted sight ,the microwave radar,the 30 mm gun a to a missiles but its surely better protected you can tell just by looking at the machine ,also carry more weapons 16 atgm plus rockets ,better 30mm gun in what? crapashe wins?

  22. Johnny Rico says:

    Wrong. It is a fact that the AH-64 is the best attack Helicopter on the market. Why don't you actually use the internet to your advantage for once.

  23. pudransemarikas says:

    hahaha good one

  24. pudransemarikas says:

    nah its the mil mi 28 havok ,

  25. pudransemarikas says:


  26. pudransemarikas says:


  27. MetalGearArmA says:

    Mi-35M is just better it's cheaper and more armed as well as it can transport 8 troops
    and door gunner can be add as well

  28. raptor5908 says:

    That the ultimate multi-purpose helicopter – perfect for my country – Austria. You can do all things with this gadget.

  29. Jair Suarez says:

    This is the new gunship Arpia IV of the Colombian Air Force

  30. LONGIRAFFE says:

    the SHHHHAWK. 😉

  31. SUFI194189 says:

    When the hell did this come out. Only they created was just another variant of the Blackhawk called MH-60L/K DAP. Wasn't called a battlehawk. Only one unit was authorized to use it.

  32. radioaktivnogovno says:

    They sent two Blackhawks one fall.

  33. Stevil Reagan says:

    RDV – Retribution Delivery Vehicle

  34. Norman Toledo says:

    its badass

  35. Nikolas Miller says:

    Is it lined with Titanium?

  36. Jair Suarez says:

    The new gunship by Colombia

  37. Johnny Rico says:

    Why are you posting stupid shit on a video about the Blackhawk? The KA-52 isn't even the best attack chopper in it's category (AH-64 is)

  38. Mat williams says:

    They tried to make a 'Hind' and failed!!

  39. Johan lake says:

    i prefer the old mi-35

  40. barney120121 says:

    Just ask Afghans what happens to the missile after it deploys its flares

  41. backwoodsbully says:

    Just ask the afgans what stinger missiles do to those.

  42. backwoodsbully says:

    Everybody steal ideas from each other. look at the f-22, everybody is copying that in some form or another.

  43. Fred nazaryan says:

    I hope gta 5 has the battlehawk helicopter in the game because it would be cool if you can use it to take out your targets with it

  44. Raptor and Lana says:

    I looked one up. You can buy a civilian version for about $5.9 millions USD

  45. Yanlicer PEREZ HERNANDEZ says:

    Proximamente se incorporaran varios de estos al Ejercito de Colombia, como el primer helicoptero de ataque que se conocerá como Arpía IV

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