Sheffield/Doc Fest 2018 | Guy Martin Proper

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Sheffield Doc/Fest and Channel 4 welcome the Grimsby-born, TV adventurer, record breaker, motorcycle racer and lorry mechanic to the Festival for the first time. With inspirational documentaries, produced by North One, spanning world speed records, Formula 1 motor racing, the Wall of Death and his First World War tank build, the enigmatic Guy Martin is genuine and honest. However, he is known to shy away from the limelight; this will be a rare opportunity to hear first hand about Guy’s passion for engineering, big builds and the thrill of speed.

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5 Responses

  1. AZERTY says:

    J♥♥♥♥♥ GUY !!

  2. mickenoss says:

    I would love to see Guy have a go at the Megavalanche, right up his alley I reckon.

  3. Scott Rolfe says:

    I'm looking forward to the new Williams F1 programme, and book. Could listen to you talking about things that you're passionate about for hours. Good luck with everything you've got planned, the 300 mph bike and mid-engine Transit stuff sounds right up my street.

  4. Toby Butler says:

    Great video guy. Love the intro!

  5. megan edwards says:

    Great video X x

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