Sailing and Tacking with two sails, genoa and jib (staysail)

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Morgan 43, 1885
BVI, Carib

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19 Responses

  1. gon greg says:

    What boat is this?

  2. Amber Sand says:

    I agree about the music. I've got a headache. I disagree with Steffi. We always let the jib come through and let the staysail back. In saying that I'll give her way a shot next time we're out. I just think the jib will give more.

  3. Robert Ruork says:

    Very neatly done. Both sails seemed to come across with no problem. You make it look easy.

  4. Joshua Samms says:

    Work it

  5. Will Leroy says:

    Music sounds insane. Turned sound off.

  6. Chris says:

    Cutter is a huge pain in the ass for little gain

  7. Archie Eszeleny says:

    Don't need that music at all

  8. David M Ambrose says:

    annoying fucking loud music

  9. Homefront says:

    Gay dan e club music, im out…..

  10. Steffi Schiffer says:

    Sorry but I think this technique is terrible. We do much better the way we do it. If you first harden up the staysail as tight as you can get it, then release only the Yankee or jib on the tack first, that sail will slide across the staysail and that will help it through the slot between the head stays. Once that has come through and been trimmed in some, then you can release the other and trim it easily. Try it. I think you'll like it

  11. Jon Postigo says:

    What's the point of the music? i feel like taking an ecstasy!!

  12. Dr John says:

    Very nicely done – and I, for one, think the music matches your tacking actions nicely..

  13. GJ Totten says:

    You did a good job Ricardo , If your wife or the first mate helped you out it would  have been a lot easier. Be careful in bigger winds when you are doing everything one out.

  14. John Conway says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again. I just sailed my SCross 31 for the first time and the winds were mild but speed was surprisingly good for a fat old tub (me). All smiles until I tacked, and again and again. Smiles gone and up to the foredeck to play sail mover. It was a mess of frustration and cursing. where to turn? you and YouTube saved the day. can't wait to try again.

  15. Panos Kontogiannis says:

    Double the effort than our selftacking jib on a boom. We sail a Tayana 37 tween headsail cutter riged boat.

  16. HahnsMantra says:

    We just bought an 1986 Morgan Catalina 43
    Picking it up next week Can't wait to cruise

  17. G.Gordon Woody says:

    Nice Ricardo.  You make it look easy.  Beautiful boat man!

  18. Donald Fink says:

    Nice video if you would lose the stupid music…

  19. Rick Smith says:

    Everything I've read preaches the difficulty of tacking a genoa on a cutter rig. I'm not saying it's easy, but you show it is possible thank you. Does it make any difference if the jib is furled

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