Sail Vela! A classic clipper ship!

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Vela! Her name means sail. One look, and you’ll be taken back to a time when tall ships ruled the waves. Everything about Vela will light your imagination, and inspire a sense of wanderlust. Newly refitted, Vela’s snug cabins all feature portholes and private bathrooms. Her teak decks are spacious and inviting, with plenty of room to spread out.

Sail Vela, and experience the kind of adventure that fulfills your pirate soul, in 21st century comfort!

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6 Responses

  1. Kari Fogt says:

    Sad, you guys took the Tole Mour and turned it into a boose cruise very sad

  2. marshalcraft says:

    actually its a schooner

  3. Lin Leiseca says:

    I am counting the days!!!!

  4. Steve Covert says:

    Yup, I wanna go…

  5. Izzy Grossinger says:

    Was that Lenny in the galley? I think I recognize him from Sagitta?

  6. Susan Beckwith says:

    Fantastic video! All I can say is WOW!

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