Rocket powered RC Speedboat !! Amazing Reaction

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WOW! Radio Control Speedboat powered by Rocket: WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, Don´t Try this by yourself!

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Intro by Sphinxcorp

Music by NoCopyrightSounds:

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42 Responses

  1. HaerteTest says:

    I give everything to upload a good video for you guys. Even as u can see stand up to the shoes in the cold water.. stay tuned❤️

  2. parvin singh says:

    Stupit video

  3. Berto Gaming says:


  4. Bat Bat says:

    Vous été con le bateau est casser

  5. Fernando Daniel says:

    5:25 a lo que vinieron

  6. طارق بدر الحربي says:


  7. Ed says:

    God sakes youtube is getting stupid with the millennial fruit loop music. Out of control with the annoying BS already. Do I have to watch every video silent nowadays

  8. Prinduca says:

    Viro um submarino kkkk

  9. Desperado5501 says:


  10. Sprite says:

    Ярик корпус потик

  11. Kisu Silva says:

    Pelo menos o barquinho sobreviveu

  12. مصطفى صلاح وبس says:

    مصطفى صلاح

  13. مصطفى صلاح وبس says:

    مصطفى صلاح

  14. ReNzOsicily says:


  15. Muhammad Ilyas says:

    Song name pls

  16. Алекс Нэйм says:


  17. VLOWKEY says:

    goodjob bro !

  18. Jim Mparoutas says:


  19. shah fahad says:


  20. Occisor says:

    R.i.p. rc boat

  21. Вячеслав Петров says:

    Да дураков нетолько у нас хватает.

  22. balkanski geming says:

    music????'??????? link

  23. Derek Turnock says:

    I could have told you that was going to happen. Much disappointment.

  24. 샤론박 says:

    대가리가 똥뭥충인가봄?ㅋㅋㅋ

  25. Zagubiona Przez Życie ;33 says:


  26. Bonxt says:

    Weight distribution so bad

  27. L Rodriguez says:

    rookie idiot never fails but at least he realized it when he looked at his hand towards the end of the gay video.

  28. ExTrộm Chó says:

    Óc chó

  29. Brian Carey says:

    Omg I laughed so hard!!!!

  30. Joseph Stalin says:

    Stupid Mechanic

  31. Dusanka Pavic Jovanovic says:


  32. Edyta Pszeniczna says:

    Pls give me link this Music

  33. Павел Насадюк says:

    Самые крутые кадры которые я видел

  34. 蛍海 says:


  35. حديث يوتيوب اشترك حبي says:

    اغبه شي شفته بحياتي

  36. taikz says:

    The guy who placed this rocket have no logic at all.

  37. Old Man Joe says:

    Boys will be boys.

  38. Вадим Атрошкин says:

    Ну и дятел пустотелый!!!!

  39. Firman Alan says:

    oh noo

  40. laba kalina pro 1.6 16v says:

    Ваууу как интересно блядь,зделай другой челендж запихай в жопу питарду ,но перед этим зажги ее,посмотрим как у тебя пердак разнесет

  41. Alex 75 says:

    Ci si diverte così ad inquinare i laghi!

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