RedBud 2018: 450 Moto 2 Extended Recap

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Miss any of the action from 450 Moto 2 at RedBud? Get caught up on the race’s biggest and most exciting moments right here.

Full motos can be seen with NBC Sports Gold.

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14 Responses

  1. The Boogeyman says:

    R o c z e n

  2. Taylor Chausky says:

    DAMN what a pass by Barcia

  3. LightWorkerBass says:

    Barcia is the closest we are gonna get to STEWART style riding imo…

  4. Максим Крицкий says:

    Крутая компания . Жалко Tomac не повезло.

  5. RRB PAPANG says:

    Why the hell he chose to start in the outside line???

  6. Guillem Mollar says:

    Awesome riding from Musquin !!

  7. Peter Burk says:

    Kenny’s not even close to being back 100% fit yet and he’s already winning a national over there! Says it all

  8. Jamie Kennedy says:

    Come on tomac and roczen..They cant let moosecrack take over.

  9. Beaker s lab lab says:

    Eli Tomac i hope you win every race from now and good luck

  10. ryo kem says:


  11. David Pringle says:

    Damn, Come On Eli, You can do this ET1.

  12. István Sulyok says:

    6:08 that scrub tho

  13. Alex Colon says:


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