Red Bull Air Race The Game Live! – Yak 54

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26 Responses

  1. Oscar Eldridge says:

    Happy birthday

  2. SKYE OQUIST says:

    happy birthday

  3. Darrius Bailey says:

    Wuz up Jeff

  4. Bill Splash says:

    Happy birthday love ur videos keep it up

  5. Erma Gurd says:

    16,934th subscriber! Love you jeff < 3

  6. Gary Iverson says:

    happy birthday

  7. DRIPTV 445 says:

    happy birthday jeff birthday vlog

  8. Possum Power says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole

  9. scorpionfam roblox and more says:


  10. upbeatjason says:

    16k subscriber

  11. Cody Bell says:

    Happy Birthday Nichole an Jeff

  12. Jed says:

    Does this work ok with a keyboard?

  13. ty smith says:

    Happy birthday jeff

  14. Seth 42000000 says:

    Happy birthday

  15. Antonio uinyjkj says:

    happy birthday jeff

  16. Casey Blackburn says:

    Jeff you should promote this channel a little more….

  17. SoFlo Aviation says:

    Easy on the rudder, from time to time I noticed you kicking it around wayyy to much which added to the handling instability

  18. Dyeman02 says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff & what's you intro music?

  19. noah riley says:

    happy birthday jeff.

  20. Rebel cowboy outlaw says:

    Happy birthday man

  21. ItalianJoe123 says:

    You were born 10 days before me!

  22. The Demolisher 1212 says:

    I love u Jeff plz subscribe to me it'll make my day and happy bday

  23. Kastrius 32 says:

    I know she won't read it, but Happy Birthday Jeff, and Nicole!

  24. rattlesnake Snakeman says:

    Happy Birthday Jeff your number one subscriber

  25. Enda Reddan says:

    Happy birthday Jeff

  26. xKumata says:


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