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Views:42461|Rating:4.38|View Time:12:4Minutes|Likes:57|Dislikes:8 | Glide through the skies this Propel Neutron 2.4 Ghz Quad Rotor Helicopter. The drone’s HD camera captures beautiful photos and breathtaking videos to record your greatest flights! This drone is sure to take you on memorable adventures.

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18 Responses

  1. Dubstep free still says:

    I have one of those drones

  2. mexicanamerican21 says:

    Yeh this fuck head 15 flight time is bull shit it's only 5 minutes if you run it on ch4 speed 3 setting maybe 6-7 if you just cruise around

  3. ben thoreson says:

    Dad threw out the box……..which had the manual…..and all the replacement routers….Go to find a manual online and they don't have a website. Just a twitter and Facebook page. What a joke, I have a feeling their must be some way for this thing to auto trim. People keep saying that all you have to do is press the 4 trim buttons to equalize it. Front, back, left and right. But each time I get it near the center it never actually perfectly hovers it still lists one way or the other. Eventually ramping up in speed the side its leaning. Its fucking impossible to fly, literally impossible. Now I see this stupid video, makes me think I'm doing something wrong, the Video is full of shit or my drone is defective and the most frustrating part is their is no where I can go to get a REAL FUCKING ANSWER.

  4. John-Paul Bellemare says:

    Does it have a cam

  5. Floridafanatic28 says:

    Wee bit of an exaggeration with this. It's not really much of an "HD" cam but it's not bad. Also it only has about a 6-8 min fly time, not 15 as the dude in the Hawaiian shirt says. You can buy this in Canada at The Source for $89.99.

  6. Homero Hernandez says:

    que aplicacion nececito para conectar mi drone a mi celular

  7. creeperexplodes _45 says:

    when he said the first rc drone to have a video recorder i cracked up!!! XD

  8. Michael Gray says:

    I have about a dozen drones. I've had the nuetron about the longest (a year?). I've had no problems with it indoors or out. It's great fun! True, it's cheap, as are all of the Propel products, but if you know how to take care of it, it'll last a long time. BTW, flight time, at best, is only about six minutes. You'll never get fifteen minutes of flight time out of it or any "toy" quadcopter.

    Though the apps are still in the developmental stages, I'd suggest downloading a drone simulator onto your smartphone if you've never flown a drone before. Learn before you fly. It'll help eliminate crashes.

  9. wong saffi says:

    this is really funny, and the remote control can be 100 meters is great enough~

  10. terence lafayette says:

    this video 15 minute flight time lie.

  11. Cris Jones says:

    i dont understand my camera dont work with video

  12. Andrew Boisjoly says:

    camera sucks on this little drone. Beware of flying outside since its so tiny any 5mph gust will throw this thing around

  13. That Lad says:

    My cant synct

  14. Richard Mullens says:


  15. Joe Rice says:

    Fuck Propel!!!! THEY SUCK SOOOOOOOOOO HARD!!!! Cheerson ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Alistair Venning says:

    try turning it.on and flicking the stick.up and

  17. Alistair Venning says:

    brilliant machine, its my second drone, after buying a hubsan q4 and taking it back after not being able to fly the stupid thing.the neutron flys great amd is easy to use and enjoy, will say I cant speak highly enough of it, I picked up flying it straight away after trying it out in maplins,all in all a great beginners drone

  18. bsslegel says:

    The camera is most definitely not HD.

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