Preparing a Truck Frame for a C Notch Kit

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Usually when a truck is lowered, the frame will need to be cut to allow for the axle and a C Notch kit must be used. This video shows how to save time and make the job easier by using a Hypertherm Plasma cutting system when installing a C Notch kit.

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4 Responses

  1. Rocky P says:

    I’m getting worried since the guy I took the truck too has now been three days. The video basically shows this should only take a few hours

  2. Rocky P says:

    Do you remember how many hours it took from start to finish? Just bought my kit.

  3. Dime Fever says:

    This video reminds me of automotive school.

  4. J Griffiths says:

    Hi Miss JoAnn,

    The plasma is also a heck of a lot quieter and it also looks a lot cleaner too…

    Great video…

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