Polestar 1: Everything you need to know

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The Polestar 1 is the company’s first production car. Here’s what we know about it so far.

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46 Responses

  1. Fin James says:

    This would probably end up like the Fisker Karma (an inconvenience)

  2. Gablub Blub says:

    So its a modified S90…

  3. Peter Parker says:

    I'm not much of a Volvo lover but I must say that it looks a hell of a lot better then the Volvo's I normally see on the road. But then again for 130K….. there are a lot of other cars I would consider before even thinking of getting this one, lot's of them being German as well.

  4. Dirk Diggler says:

    Look at the main lines on this car and it's like an S550 hiding underneath it! I own a 2016 Ford Mustang GT and the the body lines looks too similar…

  5. vindoughs says:

    I wish they made it to look a bit more than the P1800. That would've been kinda cool to be honest.

  6. vvmasterdrfan says:

    Great content but perhaps a little more info on the car.

  7. Walter Burton says:

    Seems like a solid, sensible, and appropriately future-conscious car. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

  8. Jesaja pasta Pepaia says:

    500 Polestars 1 will be made per year for 3 years. It's RWD.

  9. Carlo Danese says:

    Sorry but this would have been better with James May

  10. Mari0o0o says:

    Polestar 1… a hybrid because we spoke too soon and we can’t make a decent EV in time. Hopefully the full electric version that’s coming after will be amazing. Best of luck to them.

  11. Dromoys says:

    What a clickbait……

  12. Monsieur Malus says:

    Yes ! I want more content like this ! And a bit more details would be appreciated

  13. Frederik Thyme says:

    Didnt this start out as an all electric concept?

  14. Palindr0m3 says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Makes the bmw 8 series look like trash.

  15. ChawenHalo 008 says:

    Looks great but it probably still weighs 1800kg+. It amaizes me that car manufacturers still obsess about pushing 100k+£€$ hybrids. How about producing one people can actually afford. Ah sorry that would be too much of an engineering and industrial challenge.

  16. yusman mks says:

    Thought James doing voice over

  17. jake nikolia says:

    1:12 video for every thing you need to like what that not even a video it might as well be a gif

  18. FloidyHD says:

    Yes, more of this please!

  19. mtb416 says:

    You don’t know you’re a Volvo person until you own one. This is far outside my price range, but I love my S60 and I’ll likely buy another after a couple years in this one.

  20. Mizuno Shinto says:

    I like these types of videos. Keep up the great work!

  21. RoamingAdventure says:

    Title: “everything” you need to know…. (didn’t exactly cover much)

  22. xiDynazty Gaming says:

    Polestar > Tesla

  23. Son of Tamriel says:

    Stunning car!

  24. Murder Bong says:


  25. David says:

    Wtf that was short, why make this a video?

  26. Curry Chris says:

    Looks nice.

  27. TopCars TV says:

    Since the Germans have failed miserably with their new design languages, it's up to Volvo to make a beautiful and classy coupe. I want one more than any other… except the LC500, but that's a different class almost

  28. Kellington Link says:

    For 130, ooo £ … you’ll be spending a lot of time saying “Well… essentially it’s a Volvo….” . Thanks for the video, I can’t wait to see one (in Canada?).

  29. Martin Hübinette says:

    When they first announced it i though it sounded amazing. They essentially described it as having the combustion engine driving all wheels with the electric engines providing more power to the rear and allowing it to be driven fully electric. It was literally checking almost every box of my ideal/dream car, 50/50 weight split, hybrid, RWD go-kart in electric, AWD and lightweight carbonfiber bodywork. The fact that they weren't Volvo and thereby didn't have to follow Volvo's promise to not build a bigger engine than a 2L 4 cylinder (thereby allowing 5 and 6 cylinder engines). Then later on they reveal it's literally just a FWD car with electric engines in the back and that they are never ever going to build anymore cars with combustion engines. The literally turned into Volvo…. Like WTF, why launch a new car brand if it's literally just the same cars, just a little bit more expensive? It's redundant. They already had polestar trims, just Make it Volvo's M division. But no, they had to do a PR thing of it like it's the latest iPhone that is "totally revolutionary". SMH. I'm not mad… I'm just disappointed.

  30. zimbalist says:

    It looks amazing. Far better than almost everything Mercedes, BMW and Audi have created the last decade.

  31. i raul says:

    for that price? neahj

  32. AaronShenghao says:

    It looked like a Volvo…

  33. Husker54 says:

    that looks amazing honestly

  34. flyingphoenix113 says:

    Ugh. That layout is terrible. The petrol engine should be driving the rear wheels. Oh well, the NSX did it better.

  35. Conor Nugent says:

    Why bother with a petrol engine. From hear on it will be the first and last plug-in hybrid polestar there all electric from here on.

  36. Psychic9008 says:

    Quick and straight to the point. Keep this format forever.

  37. ziomekdomek18 says:

    Incredibly cool yet far too short!

  38. Victor Custódio says:

    The front is very nice , but the back and interior are almost "american-muscle" levels of bad…

  39. Malte Sumpf says:

    Slightly out of my price range. By about 128k

  40. JS Rng says:

    I feel like using the petrol engine to power the rear wheels is better…
    because powering the front wheels makes the car sounds like a FWD car…

  41. Shiznuts says:

    Great high-performance luxury car. Too bad the sleek front and sides doesn't translate to it's pretty lame rear.
    Then again… combustion in the front… like a Mustang… electric in the rear, like a Tesla.
    I don't mind hybrids. Get the benefit of both worlds. As long as they're not forcing us to go full electric already, I'm happy with such a concession.
    Not too long before V12s will be a thing of the past unfortunately. This however is no sportscar. Probably for the businessman looking for a change of pace from his Audi A7.

  42. matus putala says:

    Cool, please more content like this.

  43. Nifty Willy says:

    Actually like it, looks cool.

  44. Vincent Miller says:

    Hey GURLLL!

  45. MotorCityOctane says:

    Let's see it in Swedish Racing Green. One of my Top 5 colors ever!!! https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Swedish+Racing+Green&go=Search&qs=ds&form=QBILPG

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