Piston Rings – How to Install

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The Moss Tech department goes over piston ring installation and covers the importance of spacing the gap in the rings around the piston.

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  1. Ngobeni Jankies says:

    Hey dude I know nothing with engen bt u made understand clearly.. Thanks dude

  2. NIRMAL SAXENA says:

    speak in hindi

  3. k thilak babu Thilak says:

    Piston Rings – How to Install

  4. V6 (12-Valve Supercharged) says:

    you use a piston ring cutter

  5. redski iksder says:

    Sounded like a bed time story but good info, thanks

  6. sTeVeXNYCPerformance says:

    Those RINGS are so OLD even when they are brand NEW. Gap rings are cheap, cause lose of power and fail at properly sealing the cylinder after 30,000 miles. We have better technology today. Throw away this classic car piston rings. Look at those PRAYING HANDS… it don`t know whats its talking.. talking hands…lol.

  7. cooltebecool says:

    dude your voice is makes me relaxed as fuck

  8. rick irizarry says:

    Should've Explained More About Loosing Compression If They Aren't Staggered

  9. Ryan Davis says:

    great video thank you

  10. juan carlos says:

    estaba esperando q ponga el puto anillo

  11. Amr EzzElDin says:

    it was my left ear ! not joking

  12. DulferCarter says:

    He switched to the sound quality where only dogs can hear.

  13. mylespl says:

    Awesome vid. Other than his voice sounds like mr rogers telling a bed time story or something. Great vid very basic and easy to understand

  14. yas say says:


  15. chaseme81871 says:

    this is bob ross's brother the mechanic.

  16. Mat Stowell says:

    Right Ear what a retard you had your headset on wrong

  17. hektorekgd says:

    ok but tell me how to instal?

  18. modelleg says:

    Alfa cylinder

  19. Mario Bro says:


  20. sbdem1986 says:

    Funny when you click on a professional video that says "Piston Rings – How to Install" but never shows how to install the piston rings.

  21. sbdem1986 says:

    This guy sounds like he's talking soft to his gay friend while getting the lubrication cream ready.

  22. Chris Simo says:

    I dress the ends of the rings after filing. A slight bevel to the sharp edge helps prevent the ring from machining the cylinder wall

  23. egn83b says:

    Thanks I finally understand

  24. welcometheplagueyear says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHH all i hear is my subwoofer talking

  25. 370Zulu says:

    OMG, Bob Ross you guys read my mind. That's exactly what I was thinking too!…We're just going to go ahead and put these happy little rings here. Just like that, that's perfect!

  26. CrikeyMang says:

    @Bosmob flange!? Usually rings have a dot stamped into it that id's the up position.

  27. CrikeyMang says:

    @sax003 totally beat me to the Bob Ross comment! I bet this guy even has the fro to match. I bet theyre cousins. Moss>Ross..?? Good enough for me!

  28. Larry Grimes says:

    The Bob Ross of automotive!

  29. Bosmob says:

    Does anybody know which direction a piston ring should be installed if there is a flange on the side of the ring?

  30. XHyperxNovaX says:

    @cobrachoppergirl Um… You are talking out of your arse. That doesn't exactly happen if you change your oil. Sure the rings may wear out after 150K miles, but what doesn't?

  31. Jorge Saramago says:


  32. eamh2002 says:


    Rotary 😀

  33. morbitron6 says:

    @cobrachoppergirl Get back in the kitchen.

  34. Kenuwine24 says:

    @youngdones also make your car hard to start…


    This is a stone age bullshit design and someone needs to come up with an engine without valves that are hammered to death or piston rings that wear out from friction or break from heat..

  36. NateRB says:

    The rings seal off the combustion chamber air tight to allow the compression to build for a proper burn of the fuel.

  37. K20civicsirturbo says:

    @youngdones to produce more pressure when you produce the compression stroke.

  38. XArmy187 says:

    @MIGHTYSAMINYOURFACE haha yea, I spend way to much money on my car 🙂 subscribe to my channel as I will be making a lot of videos this year.

    soon I will make my own video on how to install rings, bearings, and such as I do my own rebuild.

  39. XArmy187 says:

    @psingone you will be fine. as long as the ring gap is checked you are fine. you can stagger the rings IF YOU LIKE. but its not necessary. do what ever makes you feel better.

  40. XArmy187 says:

    you don't have to stagger the rings, rings spin in the cylinder when the motor is turning over/running.

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