Off Shore Cigarette Boat

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Off Shore 39′ Top Gun Unlimited Cigarette leaving Brant Rock, MA

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25 Responses

  1. Raven The Gemmy Inflatable says:

    Smoky cigarette

  2. PERRY NELSON says:


  3. Michael steffen says:

    Fucking stupid,unless you go 80 miles offshore and start catching tuna! 25 gal an hr. + to just run around and make noise? So you think your cool huh?

  4. Polaris sportsman says:

    I could live on that boat

  5. c9j9RT says:

    Love this rig, classic …simple paint scheme, clean older boat but a beauty. Dear uploader … what power does it have?? Thanks.

  6. Cig1 says:

    38 Top Gun from the 90s or early 00s… (flat deck, pure lines, no step hull)

  7. toordog says:

    Yeah, not a cig, just FYI…

  8. 1963al says:

    Okay, so muscle guy handles the power steering and electronic throttle controls while the lovely little lady casts off the boat and then jumps on the foredeck.  I live in Florida and I despise seeing "macho men" not even breaking a sweat at the helm while their little ladies handle the dock lines and keep the boat of the pilings…

  9. mistersnapon says:

    They open the cover to vent any gas fumes !!!!

  10. Simen Christensen says:

    Nice boat, good vid. Why is it that owners of power-boats prefer to start the engines with the engine cover open? It just seems unnecessary to me but I'm sure there's a reason for it.

  11. Searching for the Truth says:

    Ummmm…… Jealous!!! Beautiful boat

  12. Sean O says:

    Has she ever not made the jump? 🙂

  13. Cobb Knobbler says:

    it's a kickass boat, but it's not a Top Gun Unlimited. It's a regular smooth bottom gun.

  14. Cobb Knobbler says:

    Love that old school paint.

  15. Staci Moody says:

    Yea i am a v hull boat guy myself. Dont like the steps and how low the boats sit in the water.

  16. FSEVENMAN says:

    these boats aren't really good for much, I admit it's a hell of a boat but I think they're made for guys with little dicks….

  17. TSully2013 says:

    What video editing program do you use? Ps! Sounds great and fun enjoy

  18. steve Fowler says:

    Beautiful boat but maybe it's just me but if what your lady picks up when she gets in the boat is a baby, as it appears, I certainly wouldn't have taken any of my infant children at the speeds you are running.

  19. tony89merc says:

    The Exhaust was moving it forward !!

  20. Gene Hall says:


  21. Dane Bowers says:

    my friends got toys

  22. Dane Bowers says:

    gets a gallon per mile

  23. SuperNoah1010 says:

    That was most likely not a 39 unless it was low option. Those bravos don't handle too much hp. Most 39's I come across have 6's and are staggered. It looks pre '00 but I've never seen anything past '92 that wasn't staggered in an unlimited.

  24. James Lane says:

    sweet boat a work of art James Lane Kansas City Missouri

  25. mikie likeit says:

    okay so you spend all that money on that boat and you can't even go over a hundred miles an hour and you're just that's it

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