Nissan Hardbody Drift Truck Track Review

Views:36603|Rating:4.93|View Time:11:35Minutes|Likes:1704|Dislikes:25
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45 Responses

  1. NextDegeneration says:

    Watched with earphones in… my ears

  2. boro92 says:

    that's a proper truck. 1:29.5 is nuts out of that thing! entertaining as hell to watch

  3. Jakey Wakey From State Farm says:

    "It doesn't want to drift" Bitch please you aren't driving it right, I have a 79 Datsun 620 with even less horse power and non lsd rear and I can promise a drift every corner. It takes experience

  4. Sruikyl says:

    I was dissapointed when he popped the hood lol. I have a D21 aswell , its got a built single cam, ARP studs top and bottom, Manley Rods, Arias Pistons, ACL race bearings, billet GTX3071R turbo, 800cc injectors, 3" straight pipe, runs on a microsquirt that I tuned myself. Makes 400whp on 21 psi definitely not slow.

  5. Raymond Rainwater says:

    VQ swap it

  6. Anirudh Mallikarjun says:

    sexsmith that is one freaking amazing name.

  7. charlie fruirtbat says:

    That looks like so much fun

  8. V8vortec98 says:

    Loved watching this!! I have a 91 too no power steering or Air conditioning shes ugly but its been good to me. Back in 91 my Dad helped his co worker to get the truck.He co signed for the loan……the next day she passed away. I remember going with him to the dealer to return it or work something out but the Bank didnt care.
    Its a good thing they didnt take it back once I was able to drive I took it off his hands lol.The damn thing wont give up Everything is pretty much still stock since 91 except for Tires, brakes, Fluids( some of them) thermostat and My ignition switch some rookies tried to steal it but couldnt take it.

  9. OffBrand Garage says:

    Wow I smiled throughout watching this entire video awesome vid 🙂

  10. ALEX2002CAMARO says:

    Why do i love this thing so much

  11. MegaHolymoly says:

    why does this sound SO FOOKIN GOOD

  12. shadetree motorsports says:

    Why don't people build more drift trucks?

  13. Charles Dearing says:

    I enjoyed this more then any high end sports/supercar review ever might be because i love older Japanese pick up trucks

  14. fuck you says:

    this thing pales in comparison to matt aubreys d21, you need to feature that thing. full cage work, s13 rear subframe/suspension, ka24et w a holset hx35. look up club loose north

  15. David Stevenson says:

    I’ve seen this thing drift it’s insanely loud

  16. Jogl Mcbuckel says:

    its kinda like a poor mans ae86 lol…

  17. Marco Miranda says:

    He keeps saying it’s slow but seems pretty fast and fun to me

  18. Duran Solis says:


  19. DJ_ SNIPEZZ says:

    this thing is awesome.

  20. T C says:

    I remember growing up watching Riley drift. the amount of love for this truck is unreal, sadly i moved north of Edmonton and i miss all the CSCS's and other fun things.

  21. Keith Doran says:

    Lol sick

  22. Shawn says:

    I love my hardbody. Have owned it for 30 years now.

  23. Étienne says:

    Put sticky tire on it and drive it again this summer !

  24. TheeJoeyLee says:

    I want to do this to my beater bomb lookin 93 ranger. Its a supercab 2WD, but it has a 4.0L 6 & manual trans. Pipe dreams are a 5.3 swap w ebay sourced turbo

  25. TheRobb573 says:

    Shout out to all the mini truck people out there. My 85 "Dodge" Ram 50 has K24 dreams under it's empty hood.

  26. InfiniteRespect says:

    110hp? Mine is nearly stock and makes 140hp easy?

  27. Caddy King says:

    The owner sure knows how to toss it.

  28. Jason Petrich says:

    I drift a 1980 long bed chevy truck ( my icon) sbc 400 built 8" drop in the rear 4 1/2' drop in the front gt drop shocks. Long live drift trucks. I have wall tapped it cuz its so long. But i love it!!and i think its funner than a 240sx.

  29. Jason Petrich says:

    You call it a boat load of fun!!!!!!

  30. ARCTIC_GIANT says:

    *240 owners getting triggered

  31. Backyard Garage says:

    And up goes the drift tax 🙁

  32. Darth Dudey says:

    Bring back Connie Celica

  33. HardSpaghetti says:

    the owner of the truck drove the literal piss out of it, kudos to him, very good driving style

  34. Neo Meg says:

    @5:18 that laugh is what drifting is for

  35. shawnmeyer44 says:

    I love trucks! Do more of them!

  36. slugerX Tommy says:

    seen this truck ripping cayuga for years!!

  37. Scott McIntyre says:

    Proving again that you do not need displacement for enjoyment. And, mine is slower, burns oil excessively right now but it's an awesome little truck. Does exactly what it's asked to do. Give me smiles.

  38. driftingmindz_jp says:

    Now I need one of these.

  39. Aubry says:

    Sounds too good wtf?

  40. James Vasser says:

    I can’t like this enough!

  41. Ethan Jones says:

    Makes me want to race my Yota! I should get her out on the track!

  42. Robert Socorso Jr says:

    Drop a taco in it. Problem solved.

  43. Silexfox says:

    DP complains about it being so slow … I can barely get my 91' Escort GT ( stock-ish ) to manage a 1:31 at TMP T_T

    You know your car's slow when your next achievement on the Initial D lap time board is to beat a drift truck LoL

  44. Hyatt Busbey says:

    If you think that shifter's bad you need to drive a "pudding stick" equipped Mini

  45. Mitchell Birch says:

    That thing is so damn cool.

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