Nike Air Max 90 Doernbecher restoration by Vick Almighty!

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On todays episode of restorations with Vick, he will be bringing back a pair of Air Max 90 DB’s. This pair was released back in 2008 and was designed by Mark Smith. Doernbecher hospital has been in collaboration with Nike since 2004, allowing kids to design a shoe and auction it off with all of the proceeds going directly to the hospital. We have seeing many cool creative designs over the years. Which has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.To start off this restoration, Vick begins cleaning the entire shoe with Reshoevn8r’s 3-Brush sneaker laundry system. Vick then moves onto removing the paint from the midsoles using Dads Easy Spray and then sands down a few scratches on the uppers to prep for paint. Vick then moves onto air brushing the uppers white getting looking factory fresh. Moving onto the final step, Vick moves onto repainting the midsoles white and orange. To wrap up this restoration, Vick sprays the shoe with krylon matte finish to give it that factory look. To purchase the cleaning kit in this video shop
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Reshoevn8r products used in the video:
• 3 Brush Sneaker Laundry Kit:
• Collapsible Cleaning Bowl:
• Brass Bristle Brush:
• Sneaker Laundry Detergent:

The products Vick uses:
• Scotch Masking Tape:
• Vick’s Heat Gun:
• Krylon Matte Finisher:
• Krylon Crystal Clear Finisher:
• Salon Care 40:
• Vick’s UV Light:
• Iwata Air Brush:
• Adhesion Promoter:
• GAC900:
• Angelus 2-Thin:
• Goo Gone:
• Dad’s Easy Spray:
• Drill Master Dremel:
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35 Responses

  1. Tommy T says:

    I ent tryna spend a hundred pound I'll use fairy washing up liquid

  2. Darius Giurar says:

    1:08 huh?

  3. Willy Wilson says:

    Amazing work bro!

  4. Charlie Mucha says:

    Vick you need to restore some Shaq attaqs

  5. copher1990 says:

    can phoenix residents pick up at the warehouse?

  6. Eder 427 says:

    What do i do if the uppers of my shadow grey af1 are seperating from the lowers?

  7. Ahmed Diallo says:

    Do you clean the other shoe when you finish so you can rock them

  8. AoMaRu_Kx says:

    You're the best Vick, damn clean work !

  9. Zillionaire says:

    Cleveland Browns color way lol

  10. Gerardo Kury says:

    Hi, i always had a question, the reshoevn8r water+stain repellent, how much time the effect stay in the shoe?

  11. Brandon Bos says:

    I need help. Is a scratch on a air unit fixible. I got the off white x nike air vapormax 2.0 black. I accidently scratch the side of the air unit.

  12. Sébastien Guérin says:

    Great video, thx Vic.

  13. Ben Cobb says:

    your like what bob Ross is to painting

  14. Darnel Michel says:

    I find sneaker restorations deeply satisfying

  15. Bucket Headz says:

    how to restore jordan 14 indigo

  16. Bucket Headz says:

    how to restore nike air foamposite pro tech fleece

  17. Gabz_Tee_Vee says:

    Is there a “spray” that acts like an airbrush but is cheaper? Would spray paint work?

  18. usersony112 says:

    I thought you guys were moving locations?

  19. maritsa ramirez says:


  20. IAmGrimez says:

    Get some beat up Green Glow 4s

  21. ITZTHE WUN_ says:


  22. Scott King says:

    Bro what city are u in

  23. Lapple10 says:

    Happy new year! Vick!!

  24. pigeonsvideos says:

    Damn them shits were cooked

  25. LooKDKc says:

    dope work, but midsole will be cracking after few walks

  26. Raymond Mari Asuncion says:

    can you create a restoration video for nike sb danny supa lows?

  27. Adam Diaz says:

    Another dope resto/custom from the excellence of execution. Nice work Almighty one. I like the orange on the midsole around the bubble. But I think i would have liked to have seen that area match the color inside the shoe.

  28. xtian mercado says:


  29. Just1 Shoes says:


  30. X ReVxaMp says:

    I'm doing a restoration on air Jordan 3 88 retro I need tips on cleaning it using home supplies. The leather is peeling. What type of paint do y'all use?

  31. lion heart says:

    Hey brotha, what kind of brunch and paint did u used to paint the midsole my brush left lines on the midsole??

  32. MC12 avq says:

    Do the Nike AirMax 270 (just do it colorway)

  33. Toxic says:

    Just got some of the laundry detergent and a shoe tree for my birthday can I leave the shoe tree in while it’s in the washer or do I have to take it out??

  34. Captain Fire says:

    Oh shoot thats orange

  35. pvdhurricane says:

    Ha. I actually own these shoes and got them when I was working for Niketown in Miami while in college. Just made me feel a bit better knowing mine aren't close to being in the trash condition these were when he started. How some people treat their shoes like this….

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