NEW PATRON! Prince William Lands Helicopter At London Air Ambulance On ‘Kates’ 37th Birthday!

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NEW PATRON! Prince William Lands Helicopter At London Air Ambulance On ‘Kates’ 37th Birthday!
The Duke of Cambridge has today become Patron of @LDNairamb’s #30YearsSavingLives campaign — which aims to highlight the charity’s vital work in delivering life-saving treatment across London, and raise support for the development of new facilities:

#princewilliam #katemiddleton #londonairambulance

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27 Responses

  1. Janine Bell says:

    Happy birthday Duchess Catherine of Cambridge.

  2. Leigh Leigh David says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful future Queen Kate. U r the fairest of them all!

  3. Jade Bell says:

    Can’t Harry fly to? Or was that something they said but he really doesn’t much if at all??

  4. Wendy Singleton says:

    A perfect patronage for William. No doubt flying the heli brought back happy memories of his job flying the EA Air ambulance. I can just imagine William and the older 2 baking a cake for mummy’s birthday, lovely family x

  5. Juanita Pretorius says:

    blessed birthday kate you are beautiful both inside and outward. you are the perfect match for the future king.

  6. Rebecca Nakirijja says:

    Happy birthday Kate Middleton

  7. M Tara Regan says:

    Diana would be so proud!

  8. Jo Jo says:

    A very Happy Birthday to HRH The Duchess of Cambridge!

  9. Zena Fanom says:

    BRAVO! How romantic! Happy Birthday Duchess Catherine. May goodness and happiness follow all the days of your year.
    Ah, to have a husband like Prince William. Epitome of True Love.

  10. roselind mckenzie says:

    Thanks for sharing this video such an important patron to be involved with .Happy Birthday Kate .

  11. Johnnye Bewley says:

    A very happy birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge and congratulations to the prince William on a new venture project

  12. Lynn Beers says:

    Lovely, thank you Elliot.

  13. Marianne Russell says:

    Love the Cambridges what a wonderful patronage for him. Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Cambridge

  14. Judith Perez says:

    Way to go King Wills..
    May god strengthen you as you continue to make a difference in humanity, And happy 37th birthday to Duchess of Cambridge may god bless her with many many more.

  15. oldsexy says:

    Congratulations Prince William on your new patronage! Happy birthday Duchess Kate!

  16. Susan stanford says:

    Happy birthday Duchess Catherine

  17. Beverly Walker says:

    Hey Elliot, thank you ⭐

  18. Beverley Steele says:

    Happy Birthday Catherine

  19. Ysolde Claire Duffy says:

    Happy birthday duchess Catherine,may you have a lovely dat,and William you are a Grand man,,respect,,

  20. Elise Cooper says:

    My b-day was on the 8th of January. Happy b-day HRH Kate

  21. Elizabeth Timothy says:

    Happy Birthday Catherine, Princess William of Wales. Wishing you many blessed years to come.
    Great to see Duke of Cambridge flying again, well suited Patronage.
    Well done Elliot.

  22. Robin Addis-Vaughn says:

    It's my birthday too!

  23. Seaside Mom says:

    Interesting and thoroughly enjoyed seeing and learning about this. No H & M mentioned. Great video. Thanks!

  24. Estee Frederick says:

    Happy Birthday Duchess Catherine

  25. Thomas Boyd says:

    Thank you.

  26. helena cosmos says:

    Happy birthday Duchess of Cambridge. Many more fruitfull years ahead.

  27. Carmen Dawn Allan says:

    Epic Share,Elliot ♡ xx.
    What a Wonderful,Way to Celebrate 30 Years of Service. Prince William is a Amazing Man as, Catherine Is a Beautiful Lady. ❤ Thank You,Elliot As always for the Truth.

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