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Welcome to LAST DAY ON EARTH SURVIVAL as we take a look at the NEW OUTPOST + SETTLERS that come equipped with a HELICOPTER, not to mention the KEVLAR ARMOR and a PERK REVAMP in today’s Last Day on Earth Survival 1.11.3 Gameplay video!
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Last Day on Earth Survival 1.11.3 Gameplay is a ton of fun so far, so I hope you guys enjoy the Last Day on Earth: Survival Gameplay video!


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What is Last Day on Earth Survival Update 1.11.3 ?

Last Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can and shoot walking dead zombies. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in this post apocalyptic world infected with walking dead zombies.

Instructions for survivors:

You are alone against other players and army of walking dead zombies and other unkilled in this free zombie survival shooter and strategy game. Shoot and gunship zombies and other unkilled to survive in this post apocalyptic world or they will kill you.

Improve your strategy and survivalcraft skills and create more deadly weapons against the unkilled walking dead zombies and enemies. Choose a target wisely and shoot zombies or pull a dead trigger in wildfowl to get some food.

Search abandoned military bases and survivor’s camps in order to find and take the most valuable resources and deadly weapons. Keep away from the zombie frontier and gunship zombies to obtain resources.

Shoot unkilled walking dead with other players – it’s an effective war strategy for this free zombie shooter rpg. It is easier to survive in this post-apocalyptic game and shoot the walking dead together with other survivors. So join clans and gunship zombies as much as you can!

Use the chat. Information is the second most important resource after life in this post-apocalyptic zombie shooter rpg. Cooperate and gunship zombies or go to raid, clear new territories from the unkilled and move the zombie frontier.

Plague infection, wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold can kill you faster than a walking dead army. The world has turned into a residence of evil, where the plague infection rages. In this free post apocalypse rpg zombie survival game your own target is to craft more deadly weapons, shoot zombies and try to survive. Survivalcraft is vital for your strategy to survive in this post apocalypse world infected with plague virus and walking dead zombies.

In 2027 an outbreak of an unknown plague virus infection wiped out most of the world’s population. The raging virus was named deadly plague infection. Meanwhile the pandemic of a new kind of plague virus carried away 80% of the population. Plague virus pandemic was turning them into hordes of the unkilled walking dead zombies.

But the army of unkilled zombies is not your main problem. Many of those who were unkilled by the deadly plague virus will pull a dead trigger in your back. Stay alone or team up with allies and join clans to gunship zombies together. family friendly pg clean

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47 Responses

  1. Starsnipe - Daily Videos says:

    ☆ LIVESTREAMS HERE <—– Make sure to follow me there to know when we’re live! (Streaming Last Day on Earth + more later today also!)
    HOLY MOLEY BATMAN, NOW THIS IS THE STUFF I LIVE FOR IN LAST DAY ON EARTH! Without a doubt, the Outpost/Settlers Update looks like it's going to be huge, wild, and filled to the brim with new things that I can't wait to try out. While we wait for this amazingness to come to us though, let me know what you guys think of the Outpost, Settlers, Helicopter, Kevlar armor, and perk revamp, because it looks like it's going to be a ton of fun 😀 But other than that, hope y'all enjoy the video + have a fan-freakin-tastic day/night!
    ☆ GO GET SOME FREE CRATES 😀 (Best of luck in the Giveaway too everyone! <3)

  2. Christian Dilger says:

    bro that is freaking epic

  3. PUBG Free fire says:

    Its been 3 yrs i have been watching your videos

  4. Joseph Maldonado says:

    Star my birthday is on jan 28 im gonna turn 15

  5. Joseph Maldonado says:

    Star i hope kafir does a box for sell and it has all the stuff to craft the atv

  6. Tiết Nguyễn says:


  7. Ronald Cuatico says:


  8. vency reyes says:

    pls reply man

  9. vency reyes says:

    starsnipe can we be friends in last day on earth what is you r clan man

  10. Chris Williams says:

    You are awesome at getting the information we all need

  11. ilander _88 says:

    Dude I've been looking forward to the Kevlar amour and ever sense the game came out man!!

  12. ilander _88 says:

    Get that heli and get outta here boiii

  13. theoflare says:

    Maybe u can have multiple ways to get settalers like slaves paying people events,maybe breed people or pearks from them like dogs.god I hope we can have humen buddy's ppppppllleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeeee

  14. Cj Mendez says:

    Your favorite number must be 666 look at your inbox

  15. Mad Czech says:


  16. i am thevirginguy says:

    Helo man yur videos coool

  17. no name says:

    anyone looking for LDOE hack pm me on 100% works

  18. flameingblade 26 says:

    Star I have 8, C4 what can i do with it.

  19. the sobrevivente 01 says:

    Tanks for waching

  20. Dave Childress says:

    Another new location is always a welcome addition to the game! Also, another location to spread the Vitamin P at!

  21. Gunny 2001 says:

    Sounds like great updates are coming!

  22. TopGeneral 9 says:

    The more content the better. Sounds awesome to be able to build our own outpost.

  23. Newton Bettencourt says:


  24. Gaming Time says:

    The app says my email address is already in use which is weird

  25. Omega Flowey The Ali Deniz Çelebi Fan says:

    Why your inbox 666?!

  26. Luis Diaz says:

    cant wait for the update

  27. Commander Zip says:

    Today in LDOE, I destroyed the 4th bunker floor, completed my first raid, and unlocked the northern area!!!! Starsnipe I love your episodes and PLEASE dont stop making them!!

  28. Hampus Söderlund says:

    Oh new stuff, fun!

  29. Mike Rosoft says:

    it will probably be a while before the outpost comes to ldoe

  30. Emin Yüce says:

    Starsinp Ben senin BÜYÜK hayranım lütfen Türkçe altyazı koyarmısın Lütfen

  31. Kimberly Omeara says:

    once again awesome video papa Star love your videos… cant wait for this update

  32. SS SNIPER says:


  33. we play weekends says:

    Star belss with yo luck for volyball.

  34. Muhammad Farhan Arshad says:

    This Really LOOKS Dope

  35. Muhammad Farhan Arshad says:

    I Really Want This Update I Cant Wait Anymore

  36. Waleed Uppal says:

    I want to start a ldoe series cuz of Star so thx (just sayin i * wanna * start a series)

  37. Matthew Clark says:

    Great video. Good luck rebuilding.

  38. LetClips- YT says:

    Dude u would be an awesome ESPN announcer, u should apply to intern there or send them links to these videos to hear your voice , if u like sports and know some stuff there too. I can picture you with your own sports show. I like last day on earth too, and have an enormous base too, but a year later still no true friend dog, still no craft items to craft guns, sector 7 is kind of pointless, and the closest to pvp we get is building back up our multi suit tool now, and chatting in the new clan location. I understand there still going to add stuff, but i don’t plan on taking the next ten years to finally be able to craft the first gun. I’ve been to the alpha bunker tons of times, I lost count in a year + days how many times I’ve been there. Still haven’t acquired the skill to fight the blind one, so I can further the raiding tasks. This video game is the only video game In history that I have spent more then the price of a console game like PS4 and a few dlcs no more then 150 dollar limit each game and i enjoyed the entirety of the game. This game I’ve spent well over a couple grand, and it’s still in beta, and when the beta is over do we get to keep everything or will they reset everyone. I think that’s way too much to spend on a game , and for a kid that’s super ridiculous. P.e.a.c.e

  39. flip yodip says:

    new swamp areas means new skills!

  40. ZCF Chennai says:

    I just noticed star has 666 items in his inbox

  41. Thomas Lusaria says:

    Are you going do prey day survival?

  42. Nightfall517 says:

    Man my last 4 raids were literally nothing…. it's not making me excited to continue raids… 🙁

  43. akra mourad says:

    I got my chopper ⭐️⭐️

  44. White Tiger says:

    Starsnipe has 666 items in the inbox and he didn't comment it once xD

  45. Hmangaihtluanga Tluanga says:

    when I wear kevlsr armr it doesen t have any armor

  46. cactus GOD says:

    I am in de 25$ giveaway?

  47. cactus GOD says:

    Deez nuts

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