New Akula Class Submarine On Lease, GSAT-11 Launched, Ka- 226T Helicopter Deal

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Top 3 Space And Defence News 05/12/2018

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40 Responses

  1. sudhanshu singh says:

    Make one comparative video on upa and nda policies and plans

  2. sudhanshu singh says:

    Russian have always exploited us … perhaps till the time we built our own arsenal we will have to bear… unfortunately our politicians have always wanted this way

  3. indian difence says:

    अब हर साल एक परमाणु पनडुब्बी भारत को प्राप्त होगी। कुछ ही महीनो में अरिहंत की तरह दूसरी पनडुब्बी भी लॉन्च होने वाली है।

  4. Vismayavaad Amazing Talks says:

    Itna RADIATION .. Panchhi Pyaare Panchhi…

  5. Satya Prakash says:

    Or aaj ki video to bhut mst lgi…
    Khas kr..ISRO ka GSET -11

  6. Satya Prakash says:

    Chandrayan ll pr ek or video bnayiye…

  7. Chandrashekhar Patil says:

    Chup be rus ko kuch mat bol

  8. Abhijit Sanyal says:

    Y ? 2, Get 2nd Hand @$3bullion !!
    Can't be better 4'r India 2 Purchase Nuclear Submarine 4'r Used !!

  9. Master Chaturvedi says:

    Sir Kya hm issi tarah hum tarah lutata rahenge Kya hum khud nahi nuclear submarine nahi bana sakte

  10. WhatsApp real video says:

    भाडे पर लेने की क्या जरूरत है ??

  11. lover boy says:

    Joh v ho pr dost hai bol k ahkh bundh biswash karna galat hoga

  12. shishir uikey says:

    Isase aacha to koi naya submarine karid liya jay

  13. abhijeet yadav says:

    Do you think we should take anyone of them

  14. Deepak Singh says:

    All are scrap coming to india Its easiy to target We bought aircraft carrier We spend more than double of actual price Some of submarine had accident also

  15. shrikant bhartiya says:

    Only Russia gives this gr8 technology to us….so we will always have to pay premium sum for that

  16. Vinod Pawara says:

    Russian lootere

  17. Vinod Pawara says:

    Vikrant joshi jindabad

  18. yazad dordi says:

    teri maki chut mota suvar

  19. Rameshwar Pande says:

    लिज पर देने के बजाय खरिद लिजीए . पैसा नहीं है तो सभी नेताओं सॅलरी काट दिजीए हम तयार है . क्या मोदीजी आप तयार है .

  20. r y says:

    bhai ins arihant and ins chakra m kya difference hai

  21. GIJ John says:

    why buy old nuclear submarine from Russia. why not new one.

  22. basavaraj thaikar says:

    Itna paisa deke… Lease pe Lene ki kya jaroorat hai?
    Kyo Hum kudh isko development nahi kar pathe?

  23. SB B says:

    Why HAL does not make helicopter in India under make in India project?

  24. SB B says:

    Russia is not India friend, Russia is just friend of billions of dollars. If India does not gives to them then Russia will move to China or Pakistan.

  25. Hardipsinh Jadeja says:

    Why we bought submarin on rent.

  26. boss host says:

    Russia aaj kal mc ho gya

  27. rudra pratap says:

    sir tell us abt some kaveri engine latest news

  28. rudra pratap says:

    jai hind

  29. rudra pratap says:

    we your regular visitor awesome

  30. thakur boy says:

    100 Gbps , 1 Mbps hi dedo theek se. kb m ati h speed.

  31. gunjan sharma says:

    This corrupt government is looting our country on the name of defence procurement..

  32. gunjan sharma says:

    Ye corrupt government rupee paani ki tarah baha rahi hai…ye paise infrastructure or research project pr kharch honi chahiye thi.

  33. Inder says:

    India should go for mass production of nuclear n tactical missile system n cruise missile s

  34. Biplab Bose says:


  35. Kaushik Sarkar says:

    India lacks attack helicopters
    We must have 1000 attack helicopters and predator drones

  36. prashanth.L gowdas says:

    Pls no to second hand submarine… We can build our own submarine.

  37. swapnil aher says:

    India Russia ke pyar mai pagal ho gaya… jo etani mahengi Submarine lease par le raha….?

  38. manish taker says:

    Teri adhi news ka koi bharosa nhi hota

  39. Ashutosh Pratap says:

    Love from Gujarat

  40. Rajesh Khichirao says:

    Bhai Bharat Jo Russia say lees par submarine le raha hai 2 3 billion
    dollar main kya itne main Russia se kharid nahi Sakta hai wo bhi itni purani submarine

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