My First Ever Blackout Gameplay! (+ Helicopter Map Tour!)

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Blackout is finally here! Today I share my first ever experience with this new Battle Royale mode with includes taking a helicopter tour to various locations around the map. I hope you enjoy!

I’m streaming a TON of Blackout this week here:


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42 Responses

  1. Realist 1801 says:

    “Footsteps are super loud” people purchased expensive headsets because of the earlier call of duties and the last few games have been poor in terms of positional footstep sounds, let’s hope footstep audio is better in this one, it’s part of the fun.

  2. Dain Austin says:

    I don't like battleroyal but I like this

  3. Mark Teekasingh says:

    Light recon Helicopters are perfect. Get to a location lot and get out before anyone gets there.


    Finally somebody that doesnt play solo.
    Solo is for noobs

  5. mrpuk247 says:

    Not impress

  6. Firestarta-666 says:

    Is he playing in ps4 pro? Cause the colors look a lot better then other YouTube commenters

  7. NiceDrewishFella says:

    This looks like the greatest thing they've ever done.

  8. rossburg84 says:

    3:533:59 that's what she said

  9. YoungSleepy says:

    Not a fan of battle royales, but i will definitely try this out just because i am a cod fanboy. Same with battlefield 5. Also a fanboy of battlefield series.

  10. darkool 606060 says:

    Marvel: "Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in history"
    Ace: Hold my beer

  11. Karlos Raver says:

    For a AAA game graphics are atrocious, won’t see me dropping any money on this

  12. David Minardi says:

    I can't wait until I get home from work to play!!!

  13. blur hughesw says:

    They are copying Fortnite but Fortnite free to play how much will they copy Fortnite it makes a huge amount of money on cosmetics

  14. Cristhian Montoya says:

    Can someone explain to me the white circle on the map

  15. bruhkgb says:

    Thanks for sharing, Ace… looks sick!

  16. Nick Racko says:

    I can’t wait to play this on my Xbox. I wonder if it will be Xbox one x enhanced.

  17. TheSilentWay says:

    Blackout is great. A few adjustments in the looting system (which is crap tbh)and drop system and then its litttt

  18. grrinc says:

    Can we build sheds in it tho?

  19. Johnny Ji says:

    Oh my god. Ace has a face.

  20. USClight says:

    I can't wait! There is a storm coming for me too, and it's called Hurricane Florence. If it doesn't kill me (or knock out my power at least) I know what I'll be doing on Friday afternoon when it gets released to Xbox One.

  21. flamesword300 says:

    It looks cool I just wish you could start with a gun even if it was just a pistol.

  22. Patrick Lamerand says:

    This looks fucking rad

  23. DevilsGrimm says:

    This looks so good had my heart pounding seeing all the og spots. Too bad I can't play it because I'm out of town ):

  24. Hank Hill says:

    The graphics ain't the greatest though

  25. Miguel Angel Hernandez Jimenez says:

    I dont like blackout so far :/

  26. Jcartylfc1 says:

    This is literally a shit pubg or h1z1 that’s slower than paint drying

  27. Anthony Devono says:

    Not looking that good just another Pubg clone

  28. DeviantP says:

    The first thing I'd do next game is find a bullet-proof frying pan. :3

  29. Honeneko says:

    Lame. First kill and you BM.

  30. Callum H Media says:

    I really like this

  31. Donnie Darko says:

    I'm liking it they did a decent job.

  32. aiR Clan UK says:

    Literally, one night of blackout has been more fun than the entire year of WW2

  33. gioron edwards says:

    Totally missed the mystery box in the light house

  34. I AM LENNOX says:

    I gave up after 4 games it's just like H1Z1 but with better gun play,graphics are awful,so boring,I loved the normal multiplayer last time so I will stick with that when it comes out.

  35. A.D.M says:

    In my first game my teammate killed me cod players need to learn not to shoot everything on sight.

  36. Russell Harris says:

    Shit looks dope it's going to be my first battle royal these others battle royal shit

  37. Matthew Bellows says:

    considering I couldn't really play pubg fornite or h1z1 well this game feels so natural to me, this is gonna be a great year of call of duty I can already tell. AND YOU WERE IN THE SAME GAME AS PRESTIGE, did anyone else notice?

  38. Mark Chavez says:

    My only complaint is, I wish the game was WW2 themed.

  39. Claudiu Bolboaca says:

    This looks nice

  40. Martin Blaney says:

    I need to find an excuse to leave work!

  41. Martin Blaney says:

    Die fortnite!

  42. shorty ETM says:

    After first kill… " he had like a proper gun " LOL

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