Monster Jam World Finals XIII Encore 2012 – Grave Digger 30th Anniversary

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Monster Jam is the world’s largest and most famous monster truck tour featuring the biggest names in monster trucks including Grave Digger®, Maximum Destruction®, Monster Mutt®, El Toro Loco®, Captain’s Curse® and Blue Thunder®. Monster Jam performs to the delight of families with three elements to every show — the pit party, racing, and freestyle. 125 tour stops and 325+ performances make up the Monster Jam tour that also features a large consumer products division and retail presence. Two world champions are crowned each year at the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas — the racing world champion and the freestyle world champion.

Monster Jam® is the hottest edge-of-your-seat, live motor sports property on the planet and largest touring family show in North America! These stadium and arena events blow the roof off traditional motor sports racing, as 1,500 HP monster trucks fly 30 feet in the air, flattening anything in their path. Monster Jam® events are an electrified, entertaining atmosphere with a variety of specialty acts and events.

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36 Responses

  1. chamath garusinghe says:

    What a waste…

  2. Randy Hutchinson says:


  3. carolyn fox says:

    I like watching monster jam and seen one in action at hickory motor speedway nc

  4. Lewis crawford says:

    See just after they stopped speaking at the end

    How amazing would it have been if every single member just screamed


  5. Troy Pease says:

    Grave digger is my favorite

  6. Isaac Reed says:

    I love the original Grave Digger

  7. Isaac Reed says:

    Who are the 6k morons that disliked this video Grave Digger is the best they have no taste

  8. Adrian Swaby says:

    my fault

  9. Adrian Swaby says:

    his story

  10. Adrian Swaby says:



  11. Adrian Swaby says:

    professor moore

  12. Adrian Swaby says:

    now was three elements chemical energy

  13. Adrian Swaby says:

    mum minute

  14. Adrian Swaby says:

    little apache


  15. Adrian Swaby says:


  16. Adrian Swaby says:



  17. Jelo Quedado says:

    Where n how did the builders build a mons. Truck?

  18. Wade Tilghman - games and more says:

    It’s name is Dragon

    My monster jam toy is named Dragon

  19. Wade Tilghman - games and more says:

    I have a monster jam toy

  20. Fabián Quesada says:


  21. IE BADBOY says:

    I'm team Grave Digger and Team Max D baby

  22. IE BADBOY says:

    Dennis Anderson will always be the legend very humble man

  23. Jake Beck says:

    Who was driving the red Grave Digger pickup truck?

  24. music legends 52 says:

    i just remember one of my greatest child hood memories and that one thing was grave digger and i would always be there when i heard the noise of monster trucks but i would only stay if they were grave digger or doggy ones

  25. ASH 334 says:

    I was there but at the veeeeeeeeery top it was bleachers lol

  26. sari yunita says:

    Good man

  27. ELI DEMOSS says:

    I chering you on man so dont be mad if you lose races

  28. Michael Urban says:

    I was there

  29. Guilherme Sena says:


  30. Rafael Rosado says:

    Im going to be in monster jam university

  31. Rafael Rosado says:

    Monster jam its the best racing company ever

  32. Tomas Gonzalez says:

    eres en crac

  33. BastiPlayz YT says:


  34. BastiPlayz YT says:


  35. Silver does some stupid stuff says:

    I still think scott douglas was the best commentater of all time

  36. George Foley says:

    80% talking. 20% driving. Good thing I fast-forwarded through the bs

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