Moment man is gored by bull during bullfight | Video

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Man knocked to ground and repeatedly gored during bullfighting festival
Bull brutally gores fighter at festival

Bull brutally gores fighter at festival where members of the public are paid to take part – including pregnant women and toddlers – and horses are killed

This is the moment a man is repeatedly gored during a chaotic bullfighting festival in which unskilled members of the public are paid to take part.

Eyewitnesses with smartphones filmed the footage at a traditional ‘corralejas’ festival in the city of Caucasia in north-western Colombia’s department of Antioquia.

A corraleja is much less formal than a Spanish bullfight and members of the public – including pregnant women and toddlers – were allowed to enter the arena to confront the bulls.

Unfortunately for one young man, who appeared to lack the necessary skills, he came off very much second best in his encounter with a large and angry bull.

The smartphone footage shows the bull knock the man to the ground before repeatedly gouging and flipping him into the air with its horns.

Eyewitnesses can be heard screaming in the background and some braver onlookers approach to try and divert the bull’s attention.

One eventually succeeds and then has to run for his own life as the bull switches its attention to him, while others help the first man escape the bullring.

More video footage from the same event shows bullfighters on horseback confronting the bulls inside the large arena.

One is seen desperately trying to hang onto his mount after it is gored by a bull and he becomes unseated.

Another horse is seen, lying prone on the ground where it is being gored by a bull as members of the public try to help the animal.

More than 30 people are said to have been injured during the event and a number of horses were also put down.

Witnesses questioned the security and supervision of the six-day festival where even young children were reportedly allowed to enter the bullring.

Police commander Adaljis Vizcaino said: ‘More than 30 people have been reported as injured, some of them children, with injuries to different parts of the body.’

Local journalist Leiderman Ortiz said rich people and land owners would offer poor people, even those without skills or experience, up to 500,000 COP (120 GBP) to face the bulls.

‘There were also pregnant women, women holding toddlers, and lot of children walking around alone,’ he said.

Police have launched an investigation into the council-run event following concern over the number of injuries.

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