Moment helicopter rescues skiers stranded at 7,400ft in #Alps without landing

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#Extraordinary #helicopter #rescue in the #French #Alps. #Moment #helicopter #rescues skiers stranded at 7,400ft in #Alps without landing. Dramatic #footage of a helicopter partially landing on a mountain side shows the incredible moment a #skier was rescued from the French #Alps.

The adrenaline-inducing video, posted on Facebook by Nicolas Derely documents the precarious mission to rescue a young man who had injured his knee during a ski trip near the Anterne Pass.

The man, named as Bruno, had become exhausted and suffered an agonising fall.

The team was able to call the emergency services despite being well above cloud level, at a reported altitude of about 7,000 feet.

As members of his party watched on, a helicopter from the Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne delicately nudged its nose towards the steep slope.

The pilot managed to plant the aircraft’s right landing skid into the snowy incline to allow three members of the rescue team to disembark and treat the injured man.

The medics fitted a leg brace on to Bruno before the helicopter returned to perform the daring procedure again.

With the helicopter’s rotor blades just inches away from smashing into the snow, the skier was winched away to a nearby hospital.

Video Courtesy: Nicolas Derely

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