Model helicopter controlled by PS3 SIXAXIS

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In “stick” mode, the on-board Gumstix computer running Linux receives data from the SIXAXIS over Bluetooth L2CAP and emulates a mode 2 RC helicopter transmitter. In “tilt sensor” mode, cyclic pitch is controlled by two of the three accelerometers, rather than by the right-hand stick.

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20 Responses

  1. Jorian says:

    Amazing 8 meter range!! my god lol

  2. loic regnard says:

    ta fais comment

  3. TheRedJadex says:

    Playstation gonna pissed if they see this!

  4. Psvita3 World of tanks says:

    Jak to zrobiłeś powiec

  5. victor salazar says:

    uffff re bacano!!!

  6. Sh33Sh says:

    Wow just…wow.

  7. md yousuf says:


  8. ItzYahzi says:

    Cool dude

  9. pabrdotorg says:

    Did you follow the links where I provide all the schematics, source code and instructions to replicate it ?

  10. matex ONY says:

    this is fake!!

  11. n0k0ut4fr33 says:

    how do you do this I'm desperate to know

  12. n0k0ut4fr33 says:

    please show video I'm desperate to know how to do thid

  13. Wesley Davis says:

    Very cool. Nice job

  14. Mark Allayban says:

    Will there be a RC car controlled by XBOX controller?

  15. XeNoN TRoZ says:

    how did u do that??

  16. Aeon Vex says:

    PS3 suck, the controller is the only good part of the console 🙂

  17. renato pereira says:

    com certeza você que fez essa pergunta é uma brasileira e controle de ps2 não é Bluetooth pois não serve kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. Julieta Viarengo says:

    can you control it by a ps2 controller???

  19. TankdozerCavalry says:

    Read the comment and click on the links, moron.

  20. FlatOutCarsTV says:

    fake, do not seem to move at a time

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