Mike Mangold’s 2006 Budapest Red Bull Air Race Lap

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The last lap flown by Mike Mangold on the 2006 Budapest Red Bull Air Race. If I am not mistaken, this lap gave him the second place.

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5 Responses

  1. Andrea Biagini says:

    RIP Great Mike!

  2. RXFARM1 says:

    rest in peace mike,,,,he just crashed and died in his russian made jet 4 hours ago in apple valley ,calif …MANGOLD IS GONE FOREVER,,,

  3. Andrea Biagini says:

    I was there as just several other times indeed.
    I still even fully remember the just unusually very strong storms
    which came in 2006 and 2007 less than two hours after the end
    of the race and as for 2006 just ruining the National Day fireworks
    and even killing some people and injuring a lot of others. : (

  4. WRX_Crepes says:

    those guys are badass

  5. Pau Adventures says:

    Red Bull Air Racing is so cool

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